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Blank screen when creating database is initiated | Forum

Anthony ODoibhailein
I'm new to oxwall so apologies if this is an obvious issue.
I have followed things through as carefully as I can but doubtless there may be issues I am not getting.

I have ftp'ed the files to the server and am going through the install process. Once I've inserted the database name and username and password then I press continue and nothing happens but a blank page, no error messages.

Its a manual install and I am installing things in the oxwall-x.y.z named folder.

Any help would be most welcome. I am looking forward to getting things up and running as I think it may be useful for many groups I work with.
If only I can get it to work!
Hear from you soon
Anthony ODoibhailein
Thanks for getting back to me.

It appears that the server I am hosting on does not support Apache web server at the higher requirement that oxwall uses and needs.
I'm trying to encourage them to upgrade but apparently its a substantial piec of work for them to do and they can't commit to a timeline.
I'll look at other hosting options I guess.
Anthony ODoibhailein
I have transferred to another hosting company who support oxwall and have now installed and got a bare bones version running.
Michael I.
Michael I. Mar 29 '12
So is your issue solved now? It is always important to check whether your server meets our requirements, that would reduce the amount of headaches you might have.