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Everything perfect, except logout. (Redundant) | Forum

T B Apr 1 '12
Hi all. I have everything running sweet and smooth even with an SSL certificate. The only function that errors is the "sign out" function. When I sign out it duplicates my home page for Oxwall causing an error. Look goofy after everything else works so well. It causes a redirect to https://mydomain.net/ow/https://mydomain.net/ow/. Exactly like that. It's redundant and causes a 404 error. Anyone know a setting or code line I can edit? Thanks everyone. Roxwall on!
T B Apr 2 '12
Any ideas anyone as to why this is happening? I have only added a couple of lines of code to include all pages (SSL). Also changed, ow_inc/config with to address. All is fine until logout, then it attempts to redirect to https://mydomain.net/ow/https://mydomain.net/ow/ (in that order, repetitively) which of course causes an error instead of just returning to the main page as a viewer? Anyone? Anyone? Thanks
Michael I.
Michael I. Apr 3 '12
Does the issue persist if you revert changes you made to the code and use HTTP protocol instead of SSL?
T B Apr 4 '12
No all is fine then of course. I guess I'm wondering what's the directory structure on logout? I know it uses the config file for an address, but why is it directing it a second time? Yes I changed the config to SSL service and I can see many places where the address is being called on, but why the second additional call?
Michael I.
Michael I. Apr 11 '12
There was an issue with SSL and old builds. Consider about updating do 1.3.2 build.