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data import not working in 1.3.2 | Forum

Joseph Apr 4 '12
I have tried importing a site from xitti to test out the updated data importer/exporter and it is not working I tried on 2 different servers and all plugins and core are up to date
Michael Leader
Michael Apr 4 '12
does it take forever to complete or are there any error messages?
If it seems to just not complete and sits there, check your cron...
Anon Anon
Anon Anon Apr 4 '12
Here we go again:

Did a fresh data export now that wall.fm has done its bug fixing upgrade so the data export is the latest version and works well.

My cron is correct and proven to be so. 

When I attempt and i really say attempt to import the data there was a problem and funny enough I expect one, wonder why? lol

I am completely fed up with this message

You did not let me down, of course there was a problem. Now some one will give me a formula that will get me tearing out my hair, lol

I know my server is not having any such problems with large files. and this one is only 1mb.

The cron is set at 1 minute and working well.

I guess I will have to solve this problem by not migrating and inform the users to just login. What a waste of my time.    

As my server has 25Gig bandwidth and nobody is using it, I end up being very bemused.

I wait for some wisdom from a wise man or woman, what is the real problem please?  
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Anon Anon
Anon Anon Apr 4 '12
Okay I solved the first problem. I was using the old data import plugin. So I have gone to the store and downloaded the new up dated one to my PC then uploaded and installed. I run the import holding on to my chair, lol waiting for the next problem and yes there was.


Hmmn okay yes, I installed all the plugins from my available list. When back to settings to run the import again.

HOW? still the same old  

With no option to rerun, Wow.

Okay I then uninstalled the import plugin then reinstalled it. Great so i try an import again holding my chair in expectation of an error. Did not have to wait long ones again..

Start pulling hair out, muttering this is fun. What list of plugins? does not list them.

So what next. Oh yes lets uninstall the plugin, delete it, then add a fresh import plugin

Now please guess what happened after I run another import?


Now consider the fact that in the past I have carried out a successful import prior to oxwall 1.3.2 and I have double checked that the correct SALT is in ow_includes/config.php

The correct cron job is running great.

Now I am rolling on the floor because my brain hurts. lol

Please let see some interesting formula's to get around this problem oh of course update all my plugins at the store. But if that's the problem then why wasn't the plugin updates all ready supplied with the new version. Please don't answer as I will burst out laughing or revert to tears and of course a grown man should not cry.

Okay I am on to it update all my plugins. why didn't  i think of that? lol

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Anon Anon
Anon Anon Apr 5 '12
Oh great I am locked out of the site, and of course the new database has not imported. Oh my this is really funny. I have realized I have to be serious minded now and not do this dreadful import or I may get locked up in the same loony bin as the programmer of this wonderful hilarious plugin. I was waiting for a message saying "hey try it again for a giggle", lol

Thanks for the entertainment.    
Joseph Apr 5 '12
@Michael I import sites all the time I know its not working my crons are fine
Adhy Musaad
Adhy Musaad Apr 5 '12
there seems to be a problem with it, I lost the 3000 user when moving from wall.fm to oxwall, and it's very sad
Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Apr 8 '12
Any updates Anon I seem to be having a similar experience? 

also @ Joe How did you get around this issue?

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Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Apr 9 '12
After a long conversation with arvixe it seems that step 10 on the installation guide is where we are having a problem.

Before running the Import plugin, please increase the 'maximum_execution_time' php directive value at least to 30 minutes

It seems they have a timeout of 2 mins so they are going to create a custom php file for us. Ill share some more information as it comes

Joseph Apr 9 '12
ok cool lets hope that works
Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Apr 9 '12
Well that did not seem to help any. there working on it but they also believe it may be something with the import function itself and mentioned all of them usually have issues. Does anyone know if oxwall plans to take a look into this at all? Im kinda stuck till i can find a way to import my site or get a backup of my site that hasnt been made through the export plugin.
Joseph Apr 9 '12
I don't know I imported my site before the update so I used an old importer
Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Apr 9 '12
well i hope this is something some developers will look at soon. 
Michael I.
Michael I. Apr 12 '12
@Anon, can you send me your FTP, phpMyAdmin and Admin Panel access details via PM so that our techs could take a look at the issue. And upload your data pack that you were trying to upload somewhere on the server available for downloading. Thanks in advance.
Envee Apr 23 '12
I'm trying to import my site from xitti to arvixe using the importer I downloaded from the store earlier, it's not working, I can see this is an ongoing issue, is there any way of fixing it as I'm limited on time to get my site off xitti.
Also it's asking me to do this:
Insert the salt you received during the export into the ow_includes/config.php file to the OW_PASSWORD_SALT constant.

I have already done this.

Envee Apr 25 '12
any update on this? I heard you fixed it but a retry with the so called fixed import plugins nots doing much and it's been going for 12 hours
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