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Photos are visible when not logged in | Forum

Kyle Robberts
Kyle Robberts Aug 2 '15

If I upload a picture to my photo album, and get the path to the photo, I can still access it when I'm not logged in.  I don't need to secure it from other users, just from non logged in users.  Is there a setting for this that I missed? 

(Steps I took to find this issue. 

1) log in to my account and upload a photo. 

2) view the properties of the new photo, and copy the address to the pic. 

3)  Log out of my site and close my browser. 

4)  Open a new browser and paste the address to the photo. 

Not logged in, not cached, I can view the photo with no problems.

matt Aug 2 '15
Hi Kyle,

That is the way that Oxwall works. Images etc have hashed permalinks. So they are available to the internet (permissions 777). This makes it quick. But not secure. There is currently no function to check if a user is logged in, before serving an asset. That would need a plugin developing. Or another solution.
Kyle Robberts
Kyle Robberts Aug 2 '15
Is this going to be the same for pages, like forums, posts, etc?  Or is it going to be just for photos, videos, etc?  I have purchased the Private Albums plugin as well, if I remove the Photo plugin, and just use Private Albums, is that going to cause any issues?
matt Aug 2 '15
No, its only for file attachments. So anything you upload to the forum, or photos etc will have a permalink.

I don;t know about private albums. I don't have the plugin.

Kyle Robberts
Kyle Robberts Aug 2 '15
Ok, thank you very much Matt!  I really appreciate your help.
Taissa Team
Taissa Aug 6 '15
Kyle, please have a look at these links:

That have already been discussed numerous times. If you want to block access to the image for Guests who use a permalink, this is considered  as a custom code modification.

If you are not familiar with the code modification or plugin development, it would be better for you to find a developer who can help you. You can do it here: http://www.oxwall.org/market/specialists
Nina Mar 14 '16
Does anyone have a solution for this? I really need a solution and I can't find one...


ross Team
ross Mar 14 '16
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