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Taissa Team
Taissa Aug 7 '15

Please, do all testing on the default themes before reporting issue. When you are reporting your issue on the forum make sure to include the following info:

1. Software version.
2. Plugins/themes versions (if they are up to date). You can find the current plugin version in /ow_plugins/pluginname/plugin.xml file.
3. Operating System name you are using.
4. Operating System version you are using.
5. PHP and MySQL version. You may find it using phpinfo().Go to ow_includes folder/config.php file, right after <?php insert phpinfo(); then go to your website. You'll see info about your server configuration.
6. Make sure that the server requirements are completely met. (http://oxwall.org/hosting )
7. Have the problem occurred recently or persists from the beginning?
8. Have you performed the software or plugins/themes update recently?
9. Do you use third-party plugins?
10. Did you try to deactivate all third-party plugins to exclude them?
11. Did you enable the DEBUG_MODE to see if there are any PHP errors? (https://docs.oxwall.org/plugin-tuts:enable-debug)
12. Did you try to enable FireBug console to see if there is any JS errors? (https://docs.oxwall.org/faq:parse-error-troubleshooting )
13. Did you try to clear the site and browser caches?
14. Browser name you are using.
15. Browser version you are using.
16. Did you make any code modifications?
17. Did you make any CSS changes (site design customization)?
18. Provide the screenshots of the problem.
19. Specify whether you faced this problem on the demo site or it persists on your site only.
20. Provide us with the detailed steps on how we can reproduce this problem.
21. All additional information which you believe can be helpful. 

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