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why you did not fix the problems - Hot List | Forum

tammy harris
tammy harris Sep 23 '15
you updated the plugin but did not fix any the problems ???
Zaph Sep 23 '15
Could you please specify the problems you have?

I looked through the forum and tried to gather information

tammy harris
tammy harris Sep 24 '15
i posted it long time ago  maybe was lost when oxwall had that big problem

the words are you hot to  link to add your self to the hot list shows under the alread existing hot list posts

to fix it i had to add  a couple of <br />   to language so is shows under so you can click on it
and the update for some reason overwrote the languages and it should not do that
 so after the update i had to readd the couple of <br />

is the same for the remove me text link

aslo one i did not post on was sometimes like 1 in 200 times of click the confirm add to hot list popup thing it goes to a blank white page with just the words you are added to hot list
that normally shows in the notification thing

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