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what a jerk dont buy anything from him - Design Settings | Forum

tammy harris
tammy harris Oct 14 '15
this dev is a complete tosser

yet another plugin they have removed my licance  for

his plugin dont work and when u rate them bad because they dont work and he wont fix them he removes your licance

David Dec 5 '15
Never had that experience.  He came to my site... he spent hours working on his plugin for me... in spite of the fact that it was very likely my OWN error that caused it to fail to begin with. He was kind, very cool, patient with me.  And... he made it all work!  Totally happy with his professionalism and his expertise. 
tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 5 '15
no he is a wanker 
i posted a huge list of problems on one of his plugins 
3 months later no answer so i emails him no answer
so i rated the plugin bad as it did not work and still does not work
and 3 months latter on him come back here he seen my bad review and blocked me and removed my licences to his plugins 
Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Jan 16 '16
Tammy, stopp spaming.

Do you have something seriously and come up with! or is it just Shitt throwing!

Plugin works as it should. I am very satisfied.

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tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 16 '16
kjetil you really are an idiot

show me one one the dump picks plugins that work with his other plugin design settings

show me one that uses proper containers
and as for meme photos its complexity fucked up 

so stop being a wanker and go and shove up head back up ur ass n stop bothering normal ppl 

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tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 16 '16
you are one of the reasons why oxwall is so fucked up
going around n rate plugin 5 star and give good rating on plugins that are crap 
prasing dev like this idoit and arron 

arrons plugin are even worse the this shit

he has 2 plugin that are alomost usable only because for years i have been show me over n over the problems with then and he is final started to fix the 

but i stupid pig headed dragon solutions 

instead of answer my problem and work out a way of fixing them
done nothingm even when i give him a fix for some problems

so i rated the plugin according to what oxwall states to do

and the stupid pricks answer was to revoke my licence  

tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 16 '16
dumb fuck
tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 16 '16
lets look at problem on meme photos fucked up plugin

his is a list of 20 problems i come up with just try the plugin for one hour 
its so messed up i can not use it 

1   no profile widget for my memes
2  no dashboard widget
3 social share does not work facebook debug show it does not piy any image into th og tags
4  it needs options to re size watermark
5  needs change fonts on both text inputs 
6 needs choose text color for both text inputs
7 i needs categories for image gallery
8 ability for users to upload images with re size and crop to image emendations set in admin 
9 index latest page well just looks stupid yes i know is like gag9 but that looks stupid to, it needs to be more like the default photos plugin 
10 the manage template meme should only be viewable by admins and moderators  
11 the view meme page loses the header and leaves users lost 
12 why the bloody hell does all the dam buttons open pages in new windows 
13 share buttons should be on the images on the index page 
14 needs option to add more text boxes if needed 
15 the bottom of the image being cropped problem needs fixing 
16 it needs a most discussed page 
17 it needs mobile view page and make memes
18 the meme photo page loses the header and leave the user in no mans 
land not even an option to go back to the gallery choose page 
19 the gallery choice page same no header 
20 nothing is wrapped in a box so if you use the design settings plugin for whole site completely stuff viewing and meme photo page up 
21 the gallery shows up all screwed up in different bowers
22 no notifications on someone votes your meme
23 no notifications on someone rates your meme
24 the text shows up stupid if you try put few sentences in it
25  the text boxes do not auto resize so is so hard to try do more then 6 words 
it conflicts with chat and stops chat working 
tammy harris
tammy harris Jan 16 '16
so dont go around and give me shit on things that your tiny brain can not work out 
Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Jan 16 '16
All his plugin is not good, but this plugin is. but I have also criticized him for other plug, said what I mean, but in a serious way. That he did not respond to my criticism, it must be so, and is well highly regrettable. But you'd better show some respectable attitude. Your language is somewhat immature and promotes more hatred than any points. Pull yourself together.

I use this plugin and its verry god.

PhotoGroup Plugin

Video Viewer like Facebook, G+

Design Settings Plugin

VideoGroup Plugin

Family Relationships Plugin

[FREE] :: Video player in newsfeed

Plugin I also bought, but I do not use and that I believe has significant deficiencies and failures are:

Advanced Photo Plugin

Photos Badge Plugin

Photo Viewer like Facebook, G+

These last two plugin I've only had trouble with.

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