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Photo Privacy | Forum

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Jeffery Apr 29 '12
Is there a way to set individual privacy settings on photos and albums? If not can this be added soon?  We really need it.
Michael I.
Michael I. May 13 '12
Can you specify what individual privacy you mean? How should it be different from the way privacy works now? Do you want to be able to set privacy for each photo member upload?
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Jacob May 21 '12
Right now, when the user uploads photos.. everyone can see it under the photo tab.. all photos are shown to all the users.. so if i upload 5 pics it will be visible to all.. i have tried the privacy settings and restricted the same to my friends.. still when others click on the photo tab.. all the pics are displayed even after adding the privacy settings.. pls respond soon
Michael I.
Michael I. Jun 15 '12
Admin can see all photos. Create a new user and check the privacy of your photos.
DeFender Jun 15 '12
if I want one photo album to show to friends and other to all users ?
Joseph Jun 16 '12
agreed defender I am looking for this option as well
Michael I.
Michael I. Jun 19 '12
There is no such option yet, submit a suggest to oxwall.uservoice.com.
John Oct 31 '12
I was absolutely loving this script until I found how harsh the Privacy (plugin) rules are. Most (if not all) similar scripts allow you to choose what posts and photos can be seen by friends or the public. Surely this is a per-requisite for such a script? As much as we want the public to see some material, there WILL always be stuff we only want our friends to see. What a huge letdown.

Is there a plugin paid or free that allows this, or has anyone modified the existing one they're prepared to share? Crikey, it's just a yes/no field in the database and a dropdown on each page.. The coding should be no big deal and I can't use this script without it.

I'm amazed that only two people have requested it in 4 months. Maybe the ones who want it have gone elsewhere and I may have to follow.
Jeffery Oct 11 '14
I understand this topic is now 2 years old, but it's a shock that this still has not been implemented. At the very least, users should have the option to set privacy on individual albums.

Why has this not been implemented? I'm sure, I'm not the only one who wants this feature.

tammy harris
tammy harris Oct 11 '14
earier thing to find answers to
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ross Team
ross Oct 13 '14
make a suggestion on uservoice, about individual privacy of photo albums: http://oxwall.uservoice.com/forums/13756-ideas-for-oxwall
John Oct 13 '14
I've been away for a long time, I've dropped in to have my say and I'll be gone again possibly until the new year.

I've said this before and I expect it to fall on the same deaf ears. Uservoice is a useless feature that should have been scrubbed two years ago.

There needs to be a proper poll conducted by someone on the Oxwall team that lists a host of possible new features - features found on competitive scripts.

Members should then vote for an item they want implemented and Oxwall should take notice of the outcomes. A clever poll would be one where each member is given ten picks with a value ranging from 10 to 1.  If they vote 10 for this suggestion, they can only vote 9 for the next one etc. That will stop the smarties from voting for everything.

If that's too difficult, a new section in the Forum called "Feature Requests" would see a mountain of activity. It would require one moderator to constantly vet it and remove duplicate requests, but the moderator could add the suggestion him/herself and let people discuss it.

That shouldn't be too hard.
tammy harris
tammy harris Oct 13 '14
thats a great idea john but  uservoice is so useless and oxwall has done nothing towards making it better one has to start thinking that theres an underlying reason as to why

like they just dont want to because if they do they will have to make new plugins and new features  and fix stuff  
ross Team
ross Oct 13 '14
http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/22386 read this post, please