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New features - Speed Dating | Forum

Zaph Oct 31 '15
Hi everyone!

I'm glad to present you the new plugin.

It is the first build of Speed Dating feature for Oxwall

I have already created a roadmap for new features, but would be glad to hear from you

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Nov 2 '15
I have not purchased yet because I see that the use is limited by "Credits" on my network and do not use it, I need to limit usage by user roles. You can implement this feature?
Zaph Nov 2 '15
The plugin does already limit usage by user roles as well as user credits
Georg Nov 24 '15
i wich me auto start the speed dating, i think its better :)
Zaph Nov 24 '15

Quote from Georg i wich me auto start the speed dating, i think its better :)
Could you please describe more your suggestion?
Georg Nov 24 '15
i mean, a cron job starts the Speed Dating events automatical all set times. 

I have understand, the Administrator/Moderator must start the SpeedDating or enter a SpeedDate to start, its right ?

And i have see an problem with 2 language strings, i cannot found it on SpeedDating or other modules. How can fix that ?



Its a very fine Module :)

Zaph Nov 25 '15
Yes Admin sets the time period for event and after it it starts automatically with notification

I have added language keys. It will be in a closest update

Georg Dec 3 '15
But its crazy for 365 days to set all 30 minutes a speed dating ... u know what i mean ?
Zaph Dec 4 '15
You are not limited to 30 minutes. You are able to set one event for several hours or days.

But remember that in one event users can meet only once.

Georg Dec 27 '15
i think so, but i mean this:

Start Speeddating 18:00 PM to 18:30 PM next Speeddating aviable on  19:30 PM - 20:00 PM

so i must set many dates and times. -> And wehn i forgott to set new SD then users are sad. thats what i mean with: i wisch me autostart all h or all 30 minutes.

BTW the plugin is one of the best on oxwall! 

Zaph Dec 28 '15
ok! I understand now.

Let me think how to implement it, I think it's a good suggestion.

Currently I'm working over update where it will be possible to send attachments during the session.

I think it will be done in January.

tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 28 '15
when will you be able to do some work on games plugin ??
Zaph Dec 28 '15

Quote from Tammy when will you be able to do some work on games plugin ??
Games plugin update is also in progress as well as Speed Dating

This is off topic post but I can tell you few features that will be available:

-Unity and HTML5 games support

-Forum support

-several other new widgets

-game page improvements

I would like to finish it in January as well...

The Forum post is edited by Zaph Dec 28 '15
tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 28 '15
double awesome is there going to be able user upload games 
i have been waiting for this for 2 years
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