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Problems with SSL - Articles | Forum

Lars Nov 11 '15
Hi there,

we are using your plugin on our site and it is working well so far, although we did a few changes, like adding another slider.

Anyway - We recently moved our site from our dev domain to our main domain. On that domain we are using SSL like in HTTPS. This is where a problem started, which we aren't able to fix.

When we added a new article, we added some links to the content. All links have been added with ht tp://- We double and triple checked it. After we submitted the article something strange happens. Some of the links do have ht tps:// in front of it, some have ht tp:// and some have nothing (no ww w., nothing) or just www. ;

I checked with ross from oxwall and it appears, that it only happens when adding content through the article plugin. On the forums, blogs or anywhere else, links do appear like they had been added through the editor. Check out this post: oxwall.org

I don't know where this is coming from, so I am asking you for your help!

You can find our plugin-system here: yucom.de

If you are looking for the article, where the problem with the links did occur, please check out this link: yucom - article

As I said all the links have been added with ht tp://, but changed after submission.

It wasn't a problem, when we were running on normal http, but started when we changed to SSL.

As you might know - Some links won't work if you add ht tps in front of the link and if there's nothing in front, not even ww w., the system thinks it's an internal link.

Anyway - Sorry, that the site is in german. I hope you can check it anyways. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If you need further details please contact me as well.

Thanks for your help!

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