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How to access the stats? - Statistics | Forum

TimoViBritannia Nov 12 '15

how can I access the stats? On my page. Are they in the admin panel? Can you privide a link to access them?

Mike Nov 12 '15

you can find the link in the profile menu dropdown (top right).
Or go to http://yourdomain.com/statistics/dashboard

Be sure that you activated plugins at http://yourdomain.com/...ics/settings/plugins
And set up the dashboard at http://yourdomain.com/...s/settings/dashboard

Kameron Nov 13 '15
hi this plugin is show terrible in accurate stats for users. It shows I have 458 friends when there are only 300 members on my site, show I have hundreds of views, friends, likes and more. Is it suppose to be inaccurate??
Mike Nov 13 '15
Hey Kameron.

The count from my plugin is correct but i think the name of "friends" is wrong.
It should be "friendships".

Because it doesnt count only your stats. It counts all friendships on your page.

for example: you have 300 members. So one user can have 299 friends. also all other user can have 299  friends (minus the one we already counted).  So you can have a maximum of 44850 friendships.

Cody Mitchell
Cody Mitchell Apr 9 '16
Hi - can users see the stats?
Mike Apr 25 '16


There is a user role for viewing the dashboard so you can controle which user can see it.


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