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Fixing mobile view message functions | Forum

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Christer Nov 19 '15

I need a good dev that can help me fix my site so it looks ok in mobile,and biggest issue is iphone/ipad as the message function not work proper and they cant replay message in correct way so customer need to open new message all the time and the get feed up and its not good.Any one can do this work asap?

Dnyan Dec 1 '15
no one will help you because they only want to take money from you thats why this craps not even keeped basic function with them.

example - smiley - its basic and very usefull and always needed thing

you will get it for $30 in store

but will not get support after paying.

dev is a donkey so he will not support you

if you want to really develope hire a dev from you local area and customise oxwall fully with your need remove there logo without paying them as a punishment.

i gave up to oxwall after searching for month for theme plugins in whole forum.

i always got reply

topic was moved to xxx location

its available in store for $xxxx

so whole idea of oxwall is to appeal you first with there styles then get your all peny from you to get features.

in my opinioin either go away from oxwall or if you like basic script then remove powered by oxwall and get it fully customised from local dev.

i bet he will do all jobs for you and if you add up total cost it will be less than half of what if you paid to buy plugin.

with local dev full support.

from buying here you will not even get reply
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Dec 2 '15
Hello Christer. Community members help each other everyday. I'm sure several have looked at the request, but attempting to explain how to fix a responsive issue isn't easy. If you aren't using a responsive theme, then that may be your biggest issue. If your member base is heavy on mobile, it would be worth investing in one. I am no pro, but I have managed to fix several things on the Simplicity theme to make it more responsive by reading up on how to use media queries, and using the developer tool in Firefox to view the site in responsive views to make adjustments with inspect element, and apply them to the specific media query. If the problem is simple enough, someone would be glad to help out, but screenshots of the issue, what theme you're using, and details are very helpful in understanding.
Christer Dec 3 '15
Hi Darryl
I do have a brand new responsive theme from here and its great but  still not work on iphones and ipad. Looks good in android. And its not a easy fix as its not in the theme as understand and been told  but that Oxwall it self is not .Nothing to do with the theme it is Oxwall issue as they do not support desktop themes on mobile and tablets,
To make it clear its just the message page that have issue, customer cant open or type anything to replay to message recived, dead as a rock.several people have tested and all same issue. bad thing I cant build app as its adult and that Apple #@%* not allow adult
The Forum post is edited by Christer Dec 3 '15
Tecca Dec 25 '15

Quote from Christer Nothing to do with the theme it is Oxwall issue as they do not support desktop themes on mobile and tablets
That would be a theme issue. You can turn off the mobile feature in the admin panel. Most of Oxwall's features work using a mobile device if the theme is built well enough. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that doesn't work with a well-made responsive theme.
Christer Jan 29 '16
Bryan then try message page in a new Iphone 6 or ipad, customer complains daily and its not theme issue its oxwall that not support desktop themes on mobile and tablets.Sucks bad and worst part is I want to get a dev to fix and I pay for it, no replays or most likeley the have no clue how to fix it,Feed up
HW Jan 30 '16
Replying for topic subscription. I would be extremely interested if someone found a way to fix the Apple device issue (it also affects toolbars like when making forum posts, not only replying to mails).

If you use Chrome and choose "request desktop site" in Chrome's menu, it will work, but it would be nice not to have to tell my users to do that, if the site would just work properly for Apple users without that ridiculous workaround.

Jordi Jan 31 '16
Who can help us?