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add me popup - Hot List | Forum

tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 20 '15
the add me and remove me popup are error
you have called them text css  not text javascript

also the green pop message to say you have been added to the list and removed from the list

most of then time throws to a blank white page with the words you have been added to the list

maybe because of the above problem 
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tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 23 '15
blank white page on add to list

Zaph Dec 3 '15
I have check the plugin and was not able to reproduce it on my demo and local installation

Do you have any plugin like page load progress bar that can delay the page loading?

The Forum post is edited by Zaph Dec 3 '15
tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 3 '15
No i do not use that plugin 

The text css problem i get on click add to hot list pop up with firebug on gives that error 

The white screen on is now every time now

Zaph Dec 3 '15
Could you please provide me with access to your site with any test user and sufficient credits?

Please PM me

Zaph Dec 4 '15
Ok I found the reason. 

You have added two <br> tags to language value and it had broken the js script.

I have removed those tags from language values, as it was a solution for messed users in detailed list. 

Zaph Dec 4 '15
Also I see that html template on your site is different from origin. 

I'm not able to guarantee that it will work right

tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 4 '15
the changes to template should not affect anything 

yes i had the br in so you could see the add to and remove from hotlist words 
tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 12 '15
the update has fixed the blank screen on add to hotlist but has now passed it to send gifts 
deactivate hot list send gifts works fine  
Zaph Dec 13 '15
I'm not able to reproduce any bug with sending Virtual Gifts and Hot List together. Please check your local modifications.
tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 13 '15
i have never had the problem on send gift until now 
the problem has stopped now 
i will keep monitor it 

have you worked out hot to fix the look of the hot list

and how it looks crazy on different screen sizes 

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