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Bug reports - Extended Questions | Forum

Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin May 13 '12
Let me know about all bugs or troubles
Joseph May 14 '12
yes when I ask a question and then click ask a friend it does not show all my friends it only shows a few of them and I cannot even type in their name and pull them up
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin May 14 '12

If you have already suggested the question to a friend, this friend will not be shown in the list until he answers the question. Perhaps you already suggested this question to some of your friends. And that is why those friends are not shown in the list.

How many friends showed in the list when you noticed this issue? And how many friends do you have on the site?
The Forum post is edited by Sergey Kambalin May 14 '12
Joseph May 14 '12
I had posted the question and had not selected any friends to ask does the plugin automatically ask friends? I have 452 friends 4 friends have answered teh question and only shows me 34 friends I can ask.Should this not allow me to ask any of my 452 friends?
Joseph May 14 '12
also friends seem to have to answer the question or else the notification does not go away is there gonna be an option for the user to deny to answer the question?
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin May 15 '12
This list shows first 100 friends. I am working on removing this limitation now. It will be removed in next update.
But I don't know why you can see only 34 friends. May be some of your friends are not approved or have not confirmed your friend request.

if you want I can check it directly on your site. But I need your profile's access and FTP access. if you want you can PM me this information and I will check.

Any way I will try to solve the problem for next update

Also, I will add the "ignore" option for suggested question in next update.

Thank you for feedback
Joseph Jul 9 '12
every time I try and read the question notification the box gets stuck on loading 

Filip Jul 13 '12
Same problem here...
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Jul 14 '12
The problem has already fixed in my developer version of the plugin. Update with the fix will be released next week.

Thanks for the feedback.
aka_Pumba Jul 17 '12
When I deleted a question, it deleted it from my page, but not the "All Questions" page.
sjchung Aug 26 '12
When  a user answers the question, in "Newsfeed", it shows the originator as the one who answers the question.  Which isn't the case.  It should show that the user "XX" (latest) as the one who answered the question.  This way, under 'Newsfeed', we would know which user answered the question lately.

And not the originator of the question (the one who asked it)

Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Aug 27 '12
What oxwall version do you use?
Lisa Sep 15 '12
I have upgraded to extended questions but I don't have the option to add the Questions widget to my Main page? 
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Sep 17 '12
Look into Available widgets section the widget should be there.
The Forum post is edited by Sergey Kambalin Sep 17 '12
Lisa Sep 25 '12

Sorry about that Sergey, it's there, I must have overlooked it before. :) Thanks!

Abbey Oct 30 '12
Hi Sergey,

Great plugin for starters, I LOVE it, one thing I've found on my site anyway, unsure about others is the "ask friend" option, friends come up but I cannot scroll to the bottom or see anything below what can be seen below my attached screen shot, so I can tick what are showing on the screen but there is no submit or ask button (unsure what it's labeled as as I have never seen it). I hope I've described the issue well enough.
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Oct 30 '12
Abbey Jayne,

Thank you for the report. The problem only appears on monitors with a small resolution. I will fix it in the upcoming update.
Alex Philipp
Alex Philipp Nov 1 '12
One more report:

ExtendQuestions feat. Newsfeed works fine!

But when I add widget Questions to index page and try to add new question with image for example there is no reaction from the site..(no updates for questions)..After that I can push Ctrl+F5 and see only question without any images...

Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Nov 1 '12
Alex Philipp,

Thank you for the report. I am working on solving the bug. It will be fixed in the upcoming update.
Abbey Jan 31 '13
Hi I have an issue with the photo displaying in the incorrect place, please see attached image..... would like to know how to fix this

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