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Adding advertisment in photo viewer | Forum

Madalin Dec 14 '15
Hi, i want to show adds near photo viewer, see the attachment for detalil. Anybody can tell me what file i have to modify to insert an add code ? thank you
  oxwall ad.png (264Kb)
tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 16 '15
ow_plugins\photo\views\components/ photo floatbox
Madalin Dec 17 '15
Thanks for the info, i tryed to insert some code between lines but is imposible to see the ad. Can you give me the code line, where to insert the html code from adsense ?. Thank you very much
tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 17 '15
Did u clear cache
Madalin Dec 18 '15
No, i did not but the add is there for 24 H and still nothig. If you did that please tell me the code line where to insert it ! Thank you
tammy harris
tammy harris Dec 18 '15
any changes to code will not show with our clear cache 
and any changes will be lots on updates
Madalin Dec 19 '15
Hi, i did cleared the cache but still cant inset add near photo frame, the only place where i can insert it is in footer, below the copyright link and i dont want that. 

Only a code line can help me do it, if you did that please tell me where to try? Gine me the line number ! Thank you

Madalin Dec 19 '15
Good news, i finaly did something, added a Adsense add near photo frame, but not in location that you mentioned, i tryed in ow_plugins --> Social sharing -->Views --> components --> Share buttons. 

Francisco Ordaz
Francisco Ordaz Jun 15 '16
Hello Madalin -

Can you give me the line were you add the code please? I try a few places but is not working