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Account Type: Change? | Forum

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Jordan Shaw
Jordan Shaw Dec 3 '10

I'm querying about the account types. I would like users to be able to change what type of account they have like if we've set up a "Book", shouldn't a user be able to change the type whenever they want to?

Like, if someone's got a total of around 100 members and an administrator add's a new account type, the users wouldn't be able to change it if need be.


- Jordan J-Shaw
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Den Team
Den Dec 6 '10
Sorry, but member can't change account type on Edit page. He can choose it only on registration. To set new account type for existing members, you need to make a custom modification.
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Jordan Shaw
Jordan Shaw Feb 25 '11
Would this be a feature in any future updates at all known?
Den Team
Den Feb 28 '11
Currently, we do not plan to do it.
nate Mar 27 '11
You can change account types of members… but you have to do it in your mysql database. I to wish that it was in the admin section of the program ( Users don't need to be able to change it after they create there profile but it would be nice if admins could with out having to go through the mysql database )

But changing it in the database is a simple fix just go to the base_user section find a user that has the desired account type copy the coded text the find the user you wish to change & replace there code with the copied one, sadly this is time consuming & some what in-particle but it works
Shaun Feb 8 '12

Is there a step by step guide to editing the database. I am pretty new to all this but need to know how to do it.


Any help appreciated.

Michael Leader
Michael Feb 10 '12

Quote from Addenster Currently, we do not plan to do it.
Something I think should have a bit more thought behind it...  It opens the doors for mistakes that are hard to fix in the most part.

 Say you have 3 account types.  Red, Blue and yellow.
Create a new user called reduser and make him a red account type, same for the blueuser and yellowuser.
Once you have created these accounts open up phpmyadmin (or however you can to see your database)

Look in the table ow_base_user
Near the end you will see the 3 accounts you created, reduser, blueuser and yellowuser.
In each line you see at the end the account type and a big long number.  Each number represents the account type which will be different for red, blue and yellow.
All you need to do is to take a note of the number of the account you want, copy the big number and paste it into the account type area of the user you want to change account types for.

***BACKUP your site and database before you do any work on it.***

Shaun Feb 11 '12



Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. As soon as i clicked on phpmyadmin  it became clear what i had to do. it's the little that catch us noobs out here lol.


I have sucsesfully managed to to that now so thanks for that.