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Undefined variable: userOnline | Forum

Yanni P-Berlin
Yanni P-Berlin Jan 2 '16

Some one can help me?

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method BAREBACKCUSTOMMODULE_CMP_UserList::showOnline() in /home/ypservic/public_html/ow_plugins/bareback_custom/components/user_list.php on line 247

in the line 247 is:

$this->assign('userOnline', $userOnline);

Mike Jan 22 '16
Hey Yanni,

$this->assign('userOnline', $userOnline);
is not your problem.
The problem is that you want to call a function that doenst exist.
(Call to undefined method BAREBACKCUSTOMMODULE_CMP_UserList::showOnline())

so php doesnt find a method called showOnline in the class BAREBACKCUSTOMMODULE.
make sure that the method exists