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How to configure the system if MX (mail) are on DIFFERENT SERVER? (Google apps) | Forum

TonyKa Jan 5 '16

I have a site and until today worked ok on the mail since the mail was on the same server that I have (dedicated).

My server is only Centos (NO panels etc, it has a failed-not working sentora.. so I need to do anytthing I need on linux/centos).

So today I changed the zones files of the sites and putted MX records for Google (i bought google apps for work). So now if from OUTSIDE i send an email to my site support (support@mysite.com), it comes fine in Google mail! excellent... but...

when the system sends a message (For example somebody fills the Contact form), this message NEVER leaves my server to go to google, since my server things (and its true) that it is also a mail server. So the server sends the contact form email from the server to the same server so it never reaches google apps for work mail account (support@mysite.com).

What I want to do is: Each message the leaves the server to go to users etc MUST leave from dedicated (NOT from smtp in google).. So its fine (spf records are fixed to add google & dedicated server ip).

So Each message the leaves the server to go to users etc MUST leave from dedicated..

When someone fills the contact form, the email MUST come to Google (as the MX records are) so the server must send it out, not keep it inside (how can i do this???)

Thank you all!

ross Team
ross Jan 5 '16
I'm sorry but we do not provide assistance with server configuration. you need to find a specialist who could help you to do that or find info on the internet.