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Avatar Upload | Forum

Andre May 21 '12
When I or some of the users upload a new avatarpicture, they get a white screen after it. No error message at all!

I tried out and think, when sourcepictures are bigger than 1024x768 this bug occurs.
Michael I.
Michael I. May 23 '12
Enable DEBUG_MODE for your website in ow_includes/config.php and check for the error.
Mark May 23 '12
I've only ever seen this error when the file size is bigger then the max upload size limit.

What size is the file? 1mb, 2mb, 5mb etc

What is the file upload limit? (as set in either php.ini and admin>settings)

Andre May 24 '12
I'll check debug mode later, good idea. :)

Upload Limit was set to max.
Uploaded filesize was under 1M, so that can't cause the error.
Mark May 24 '12
does this happen with all avatars?

what about when uploading photos?

also is ow_userfiles folder permissions set to 777?

Blaine May 25 '12
this is happening to me as well

i enabled debug mode as well as dev mode both seperately and together and was unable to recieve an error message also it does this white screen with no errors on photos and groups plugins i have set ow_userfiles folder and subfolder and files to 777 as well as the folders ow_static and ow_pluginfiles i also get the same thing when i try to run cron although i dont know if thats supposed to give feedback. i would like a fix for this soon as im want to launch my website soon. i also checked to see if it uploaded any files and the only ones were from the news feed plugins it would be great if theres a fix for this soon

it doesn't work for any file size or resolution

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Mark May 26 '12
and your hosts allows for http uploads? I know some hosts turn it off

Blaine May 28 '12
is it a php module or something todo with apache can i install it via pear php modules? or enable it with cpanel?
Mark May 29 '12
not sure if it can be done in cpanel I know it can be set in tweak settings in WHM, ask your host

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Blaine May 29 '12
are you sure its just called http uploads or is tere a more specific name i tried to ask him for that and he had no clue what i was asking for also i tried to see if tweak settings is a default in whm and was unable to find it anywhere any suggestions?
Mark May 29 '12
tweak settings is here

the settings names in whm>tweak settings are

cPanel PHP max upload size


Max HTTP submission size

Blaine May 29 '12
thanks for that reply i figured out what the problem was caused by maxing out the admin settings to the servers max seems to cause this issue so leaving some mb lower than the max les it function properly