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using text as opposed to single-choice because of 31 choices limit | Forum

Seyed Jan 14 '16


I need to add a new profile question, which is the year- from 1960 to 2016. Because the maximum number of choices is 31, I cannot go for single-choice answer type and apparently I need to use text instead. However, I would then need to make sure the value entered by the user is a valid four-digit number (the year). May I ask which file(s) I need to modify for this purpose?


Anitaku Jan 15 '16
1.8.1 has unlimited options if your interested in tackling the issue that way. 

Back up your site before anything though :) 
Seyed Jan 16 '16

Great! Thanks very much Phil. I am now going for 1.8.1 then.

Jason Jan 19 '16
Hi there, are you sure Seyed?

I have 1.8.1 (im using skadate btw) and I still see a limit of 31. Im not sure why.

Ive been fiddling with the code and database to increase from 31 to 63, and i almost have it working.. but if its now unlimited i'll go find out why its not in my system

Seyed Jan 20 '16

Hi Jason

Well, I downloaded and installed 1.8.1 and saw that it was added. I mean it seems possible to add profile questions with more than 31 options. Please note that there are now two possibilities in 1.8.1.:

1. add questions with max. 31 options (as in 1.8.0.)

2. add questions with more than 31 options.

It says that for options up to 31, the first one is faster.

I have not yet tried it but it seems OK.

Jason Jan 20 '16
Hi Seyed,Ok i'll look for that option in the skadate software. I havent noticed it so far but i wasnt looking until now. It definitely allows me to add more than 31 options but when you do add more than 31 options it causes problems. the database is is limited to an INT and it needs to be a BIGINT. there is also problems as some of the code in some areas is hardcoded with a limit of 31 eg.

for (var i = 0, i < 32; i++) { 




Im playing with a mod right now to fix it, but i will load the oxwall version of the software to test it also and get back to you.. just to check if the oxwall version has the same flaws.. i dont want to mislead people..

The Forum post is edited by Jason Jan 20 '16
Jason Jan 20 '16
I posted my modification here


Seyed Jan 24 '16