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Purusothaman Ramanujam
Is anyone using CometChat for Oxwall?

It costs lesser ($49) than ArrowChat. I wish to know the perfomance and features of CometChat if any one is using it.


jeo May 27 '12
its great i used it on socialgo before i desided to host oxwall you can place games threw chat like darts with the parson chating to you.
Purusothaman Ramanujam
Thanks Jeo for your feedback.

Currently there is no oxwall integration for CometChat.
jeo May 28 '12
ol but if you get on to arrowchat they already have mobile chat but they still havent updated the plugins :(
Purusothaman Ramanujam
ArrowChat is costly.. and also heard that it uses resources heavily.
Mark May 28 '12
Quote from Purusothaman Ramanujam ArrowChat is costly.. and also heard that it uses resources heavily.

If your on a VPS or better you should be fine, my VPS has 2GB guaranteed ram and my load average rarely passes over 3 (at peak)(only passed over 3 once in the last 4 weeks).

Michael I.
Michael I. May 29 '12
Consider about requesting an integration from the Cometchat team. We don't have enough resources to work on the integration.
Jane Jun 4 '12
Just wanted to inform you that I emailed the CometChat team and they said that an OxWall integration will be available next week!
Joseph Jun 4 '12
awesome jane I look forward to this
Purusothaman Ramanujam
It's not free. Just another alternative to ArrowChat but priced lesser.
Abbey Jun 8 '12
sounds like something I would be interested in, Arrowchat is a bit basic for my needs. I look forward to the cometchat plugin
Joseph Jun 8 '12
cometchat and arrowchat are practically similar the difference is how they are made and I am going to bet money that cometchat will go ahead and be usable with their cometchat service so that users will not have to use server resource to operate the chats for heavier sites
Abbey Jun 11 '12
is there any update on the cometchat release date?
Joseph Jun 12 '12
cometchat has been released for oxwall see the demo here http://www.phpchatsoftware.com/oxwall/
MarkieMark67 Jun 12 '12
ArrowChat has always treated me right. I have had my share of problems. But they have corrected them pretty fast!
Abbey Jun 13 '12
I've installed the cometchat on my site, works well, unsure how it will handle load though due to the fact my sites new.
Michael I.
Michael I. Jun 20 '12
We are currently communicating with Cometchat team to help them make a better integration for Oxwall.
Romeo Oct 20 '12
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