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Local installation with xampp | Forum

tanny Jan 24 '16

I am trying to install oxwall 1.8.1 locally with XAMPP on W7, but in the Install stage (after database) I get the next error "

ow includes/config.php file is incorrect. Update it with details provided below."..

I have no idea what I habe to do to fix it. 

Please help !!

tanny Jan 24 '16

I solved it myself. The installation does not permit a empty database password, even when in the stage related allow continue.

The problem is not easy to figure out, so I suggest leave this post like help to others.

Tks !!!

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Afsal Y
Afsal Y Aug 9 '16
Installation failure on final step

please help asap.

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dave Aug 9 '16
Afsal are you also installing on XAMPP, if not please start another post, thanks.  
Afsal Y
Afsal Y Aug 11 '16
Yes I am installing on XAMPP, so the problem is with XAMPP only right?
dave Aug 11 '16
I have never installed this on XAMPP so i am not able to offer much but i did find this, you might read thru it and get some clues 


there are also other posts about xampp if you google them using  oxwall install xampp 

Steve Aug 12 '16
I had problems with xampp and wamp but for my site I am using a cpanel clone which is pretty easy to use named zpanel...But I have found using ampps is probably the easiest of them to use since it comes with oxwall in it's package.  
ross Team
ross Aug 14 '16
Afsal, before the final step of the installation please enable debug mode so you could see the actual error instead of 500 error, please make screenshot of the error so we could assist you further. 
Afsal Y
Afsal Y Aug 16 '16

Thanks for replaying All of U!!!

@ross, changed debugg mode just before the final step, still unable to see the errors.

@dave, there is no problem with database connection i think. the problem is with creating cron job... Do i have to manually create cron job?

@Steve, Am on the initial stage of development, need to setup in my local first. Do i have to switch in to Wamp?

ross Team
ross Aug 16 '16
Provide screenshot where did you enable debug mode as you can see there's still 500.php error only instead of actual error. 
Afsal Y
Afsal Y Aug 18 '16
@ross all my files getting refreshed on continuing last step.