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few things - Articles | Forum

Tony Jan 29 '16
theres a few things that need fixing
theres no search  once theres a lot of articles theres no way of finding anything

categories that have no content add to the yet should be hidden from the category menu

images need links to the articles not just the read more buttons

browse articles page is just one collum
and looks a bit crazy with a huge blank space
2 collums would look so much better

some pages are missing menu  latest browse etc

most viewed,  most commented pages would be nice
even top rated

would be nice if on the home page the sections were boxed
your image 6

the home page header slider sections and breaking news hint does not work with cloudflare rocket loader enabled

og description  is not cropped to meta tag size limits its the whole thing
og title is not cropped to meta tag size limits its the whole thing
is not cropped to meta tag size limits its the whole thing
<description> is not cropped to meta tag size limits
missing this tag og url

rate a article does not seam to do anything
it does not send notification to the user that there article was rated by username

theres no twitter cards

theres no og/ twitter on pages like home or browse

comments and related articles are not wrapped in box

related articles should be go across the page not down it

rrs feeds do not have images

articles need actions like email the article, print

the underline and category's box colors needs to be able to change in admin to match theme colors do not all look good with big bright red

the icons for the widgets need change there all the same
same with the menu icons

extra image upload that show as thumbs under the description
the open in a floatbox would be nice

and is there a mobile view and add articles page in the road map

theres no posting copyrighted material warnings check box and popup with warnings on add articles
because this an happen to your site
Your website can be shut down if you host stolen content. If you post stolen content on your site, the copyright owner can file a DMCA Takedown Notice with your hosting company. Not only can they force you to remove the content, but your entire site might be shut down if you don’t comply.

a lot of article sites use copyright agency's  for people to buy licenses to repost content
on this page click the reprints and permissions
and see how theres a good author sections
your articles plugin only has time by username

would be nice to have

thumb       username
               authors title     [for a textra input in add article]
               view more article from username 

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