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Live TV Plugin is a scam | Forum

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JoshWho Feb 6 '16
The lawyer said 1 case isn't worthy but if there are more than 30 ppl with the same issue they can do a class action lawsuit.  He also said it is the store that has to issue the refund for the bad product purchased. 

I would like a refund please.  Send it to my paypal   joshwho62702@gmail.com

tammy harris
tammy harris Feb 6 '16
yes every digital goods store is responsible and defective products -80% of store items 

every digital goods store is responsible to make shore that goods they sell functions as described 

not many in the store passes this

every digital goods store is responsible to make shore that goods they sell comply with webmasters standards - theres maybe 5 in the store that pass this

every digital goods store is responsible to refund end users if good are found to be defective and they are to chase the dev for the refund

every digital goods store is responsible to offer support on goods sold- means if the dev wont then oxwall has to

and so many more that oxwall fails on  

tammy harris
tammy harris Feb 6 '16
and the answer this is a custom code mod for everything is against every store policys
be they free or paid items

20% of the questions should be answered this is a custom code mod

the other 80% should be answered and 50%  then should be added to the core 

take this site for instance

any problem big or small seo or huge changes  they answer quick and in under 2 days email you the fixed script to test and once email them back it works they add it and update there script 

fixes and changes posted in there forums are added to the script on every update 

thats what a script forum is for not for how oxwall has theres 

ooo and il answer all our questions here for them

this is a custom code mod please post this in custom code mod forum

and i think i just passed the test to become a oxwall team member 

tammy harris
tammy harris Feb 6 '16
i even read on google webmasters guidlines somewhere 
that a free script is as is and does not have to comply with standards
but a free script with extra bits sold for the script
both the main free script and the extra paid scripts must be standards compliant 

i have submitted a handfull of fixes on oxwall grithub for alt on images and links from _blank to _self
both things google bing yahoo hate if your going to open in new page tab there has to be warnings to say so 

every where you look is something thats stuffed up even the use of background image tags for main images  like come on thats shocking 

if oxwall fixes the store properly and not half done like everything else
and start use the forums for what they are for 
il add heaps of fixes to the script and help out as much as i can 

if not im with you JoshWho and il want every cent for every plugin i have bough 

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tammy harris
tammy harris Feb 6 '16

Quote from ross Soon, very are going to implement new system for the store, when an item has  a lot of bad reviews it will be automatically suspended. for now we cannot do anything
ross i have heard this bs 3 years ago, 2 years ago, 1 year ago   we will do something with the sore but were only a small teams
so what makes ur bs any different form the rest 

in that time frame mobile site was developed a new admin and now licence checks
and so much more 

not one thing done about the store in any way 

using bad reviews is just stupid when you have tossers like Oxwall Türkiye,
posting bad reviews on plugins because another plugin that has
nothing to do with the plugin in question 
and others like Bresdel
just rates a plugin to get a link back to his website

then you have tossers like arron that 10 minutes after putting yet another crap

 plugin in the store has 20 rave reviews and heaps of forums say how great the plugin is and how good support is   
all posted from arrons fake profiles he has made here

the whole store system is stuffed and need huge overhaul not
Soon, very are going to implement new system for the store, when an item has  a lot of bad reviews it will be automatically suspended
that will only stuff the store up more


1  stop doing crazy core updates on every update that stuff everything up
structure it like this

1.8 huge core update .1.81 bug fixes ect 1.8.2 bug fixes ect    2.0 huge core update 

on the huge core updates notify all dev and give them access to the test site below that has been already updated to the next version update one month before the update is released 
so they can update there plugins on the new version and test them and others can test and find any problems 

2   set up a full demo site with all plugins available 
with a testing booking system    not hard to do

so say i book a test next week Saturday 2 pm for 2 hours i get a code that allows me full access
to the full test site
when im done the site reverts back ready for the next who booked a test

the test site would need a way of marking things as not working as it should 
it then notifies the plugin dev of the problem with all the details of the problem

the problems found need to go to a widget on the store item
showing problems and problems solved 

if the problems marked on the site are not being fixed then remove the plugin from the store 

done this way use end users will no longer be the better testers
and updates like 1.8.1 would not of crashes so many sites

and plugin updates like games  that was updated last week would not send every site into e500 
on every play games pages and e 500 on profiles dashboards and index on edit the widgets

over a week now and nothing from the dev 
every one that has updated there games plugins is stuffed 

The Forum post is edited by tammy harris Feb 6 '16
dave Leader
dave May 22 '16
Franz i understand you are upset and rightly so. But please refrain from using the F word in your post.  

Things will change soon and this kind of thing will happen less and less as Oxwall progresses the program. 

I am deeply sorry that all of you had to go thru this. I know that does not help much when you have been taken advantage of however i for one do understand your pain and i believe Oxwall also understands that this sort of thing cannot continue. 

I am 100% for stricter guidelines in this program top to bottom.   Up to and including a annual plugin audit in which each devs plugins are randomly downloaded and checked at least once a year to be sure they function. If they do not then they will be placed into moderation until they function. 

Plus lets toss in a filter that if a plugin has at least 10 reviews and has less than a 3 star rating then that plugin is automatically up for audit. 

The Forum post is edited by dave May 22 '16
DenisBradley Jan 19 '23

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John Klein
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