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Chat box | Forum

Yanni P-Berlin
Yanni P-Berlin Feb 20 '16
When some one text in the chat chat box open up automaticaly, how i can stop this?
Pat Feb 20 '16
Very good quetion.
Pat Feb 20 '16
Change soon.
Yanni P-Berlin
Yanni P-Berlin Feb 21 '16
i try to find info how change this in the forum but no info, i hope the some one from Support team to help me but i thing the answer from Support will be like every time:

1. Move the Topic to other section.

2.link to specialists page.

Oxwall Support is VERY VERY BAD!

PREMIUM Support is FALSE....

but i will wait for adequate answer :)

ross Team
ross Feb 21 '16
Topic was moved from General Questions.
Yanni P-Berlin
Yanni P-Berlin Feb 25 '16
FOREVER the Oxwall team do same, people never know answer and for the team is easy to move the topic.

No Support FOREVER!!!!

@ross when you dont know the answer just say you dont know, not only move the topic!!!!!