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oxwall 1.3.2 causing server crashes and issues | Forum

Joseph Jun 6 '12
I never experienced so much overload on any server my site ran on until 1.3.2 is there a fix coming for this?
Michael I.
Michael I. Jun 7 '12
Any details on what files are causing the server overload?
Joseph Jun 7 '12
its mostly the index.php which as you know being built from wordpress oxwall has wordpress issues but I am working on the situation removed some less needed plugins and am building better optimized servers on amazon and hopefully soon will have some great news for all this
Michael I.
Michael I. Jun 12 '12
Okay, Joseph. Let me know if you have more information on files overloading the server so that we could see if anything can be optimized there. Although Oxwall is really well optimized script.