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multi tabs for types of smileys - Smileys | Forum

JoshWho Mar 4 '16
I have no problems with the smiley plugin for what I use it for. The only thing I was wondering if it would be possible in a future update if you could add multi tabs for the smiles that way I can have a tab for the original smileys then a tab for bigger animated smileys, and maybe one for holidays or something like that. Would be kewl. 
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bobbi Mar 5 '16
the dev has abanded his plug ins, you have more chance of winning the lottery than this plug in or his others ever getting updated 
OW-Ghost Mar 7 '16
yes this plugin have no support so far, but heard someone will dev a new smiley plugin and that is coming soon :) very good news for eveyone that using a oxwall or skadate website
JoshWho Mar 7 '16
Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Mar 20 '16


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pcemail Mar 27 '16
Smiley is a must have for any social sites :) Sorry to hear Dev cannot continue to update, but hopeful another Dev can.
Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Mar 28 '16

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