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Oxwall can't connect to update server. Seems you need to enable `url_fopen` in your php settings. | Forum

Yves Jun 19 '12
Hi Oxwall community,

I have installed Oxwall few weeks ago and in my admin area i have this msg "Oxwall can't connect to update server. Seems you need to enable `url_fopen` in your php settings."

Can someone tell me what i need to do pls.
I'm a new to all this so a step by step explanation would be well appreciated.

I installed Oxwall with softaculous
Server is My.a2 housting
Php version :5.3.10
My SQL version :5.1.61-cll
Apache version :2.2.22
Thank you in advance.
Purusothaman Ramanujam
Please contact your service provider to check whether url_fopen is enabled for your hosting account.
Yves Jun 19 '12
I have just send them a ticket ...... lets see how fast they are with a reply!
Thank you for the fast intervention Purusothaman.
Yves Jun 19 '12
I've got a reply from my hosting service.



I have enabled fopen for your account.

I have placed a PHP.ini file in your public_html that enables this. If you need fopen available in another directory, you can just copy the php.ini file there.

Michael I.
Michael I. Jun 19 '12
So, did url_fopen enabling fix the issue?
Yves Jul 8 '12

Quote from aka_le_Mulder So, did url_fopen enabling fix the issue?

So sorry for the late reply sir.

Yes , it did fix the issue.
My.a2housting did the job in no time.
Guna Jun 22 '15
How to hide this warning / error?

The Forum post is edited by Guna Jun 22 '15
ross Team
ross Jun 22 '15
You need to enable url_fopen it is among our server requirements: http://www.oxwall.org/hosting
Guna Jun 22 '15
@ross thanks for the quick reply. I don't want to show error / warning message in Admin Area. How to do it using CSS?
Guna Jun 22 '15
I found the solution.

html body .admin_warning { background-color: #fdebeb; border: 1px solid #fbcbcb;}

In Theme's base.css, we have the above CSS to display admin warning / errors. Adding `display: none;` will hide the warnings from admin page. Thus we have the below updated CSS code to rectify this problem.

html body .admin_warning { background-color: #fdebeb; border: 1px solid #fbcbcb; display: none;}