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Simik Apr 7 '16
When this plugin was at a price which was OK, there was no payment possibility (paypal), now that paypal is avaible, it's really too much expensive... 
Why there is no possibility of old price to those who asked paypal already before? It's unfair.
Sean Apr 7 '16
The plugin has changed so much now it has a lot more functionality and the new price reflects this. In fact for what the plugin does I think it is still too cheap! 
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Sean Apr 7 '16
This will totally change engagement on your site and adds a whole new dimension. Users will get notifications through to their phones, tablets and desktops on activity within the site. Developers can also hook into the plugin and send their own notifications.

I am constantly updating the plugin and this new price reflects the huge benefit to users and my time. 

Anitaku Apr 10 '16
Worth every cent as far as I'm concerned. One of the most active and helpful devs on oxwall. 
David Apr 12 '16
Is it possible to Demo this plugin for a 24hr period?
Sean Apr 13 '16
No i am afraid not. 
Simik Apr 13 '16
Yes, the plugin changed, BUT other users who bought it before had the plugin at the old price... I wanted to buy it before, but You were unable to make me pay... 
So because of You, I was unable to buy this plugin, and now that You are able to make me pay, I have to pay another price... I don't care that the plugin changed, but I care that the price changed. I repeat that to be fair, You should give a discount to those who asked for paypal before the price change. One thing is sure... With the new price, I will not buy it.... It's too expensive...
Sean Apr 13 '16
I'm sorry but I disagree that it is too expensive.

I have put a lot of work into this, and still do, and this provides great functionality to any site.

The price will be staying the same, sorry.

Simik Apr 14 '16
1) You still have not responded to the main problem: that I was unable to purchase the plugin at the old price because of YOU and it's VERY unfair. 

2) 25 dollars for few notifications is VERY expensive... But that's your business, that's not my problem. My problem is your unfair behaviour.

Sean Apr 15 '16
It is not expensive. This adds a whole new dimension to any site. It will keep engagement up and have people coming back to your site a lot more than they usually would. It also has hooks so other developers and easily use it too. 

If you don't see this and don't want to pay a developer for a good product that's not my problem. 

It is not unfair at all, you're paying for my time and good functionality. This is the end of the discussion I've made my pont, if you don't like it then don't buy it. 

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