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Album name not compulsory to upload photos in the photo plugin | Forum

Marine Bernard
Marine Bernard Apr 23 '16

I would like to be able to upload photos with the photo plugin, without having to create a new album or to choose an existing one.

I would like, when we upload our photo and click on Submit, that it uploads our image and that it doesn't display an error message.
(As in the newsfeed photo upload, it saves the images directly in the "Newsfeed photos" album without asking the user. I would like the same , by default, for the photo plugin).

I don't know what files I need to modify and what to write in it,
Thanks a lot for your help,
Best regards,


dave Leader
dave Apr 23 '16

Question,  since pictures have to go somewhere, where would you have them go?

Marine Bernard
Marine Bernard Apr 24 '16
It's exactly what Chris_W says.
I would like my photos to be saved in an album by default, so that when a user uploads a photo it goes automatically in this folder.
(such as the "Newsfeed photos" album when we post photos in the newsfeed).
Thanks for your help
dave Leader
dave Apr 24 '16
I have not ignored you, i just have to get this update done first, if i get too sidetracked ill mess up and thats not good...   But i will look at this asap... 



Marine Bernard
Marine Bernard Apr 27 '16
Ok, thank you! I also continue to search by my side..
dave Leader
dave Apr 27 '16
I did go thru the photo files quickly but have not found a way yet. It will take a more in depth look. I should be able to get you something or set you on the right path by this weekend if that is OK :)
dave Leader
dave May 5 '16
hi, ok i am done with my update, did you solve this yet?
Marine Bernard
Marine Bernard May 23 '16
Sorry, I was absent during two weeks,
I still have not find a solution for this question.
Thanks a lot if you can help me!
dave Leader
dave May 24 '16
I do apologize i was not able to find a single point where i could have one place for the images.  I am sure there may be one but i was not able to find it.  In my search i came close a few times and thought i had it only to realize i was not correct.  The images are so integrated with everything else if i changed one thing, it broke another.  

I am sorry that i was not able to assist you better.