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dave Leader
dave May 4 '16
Last i heard they were out of Oregon.  Anyone know where exactly Oxwall is. I noticed the last names of the team members and im not sure if they are from the US or not.   Maybe they should hire some US team members if not :)
bobbi May 4 '16
Think Oxwall originates from Kyrgyzstan
OW-Ghost May 4 '16
Kyrgyzstan, why they need hire a US team member? i have no problem with that but i just want to know why? i think it is a great idea hire more developers in general

Maybe they should hire a Sweden team member :)

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dave Leader
dave May 4 '16
OK where is Kyrgyzstan?  How do you say it?  I think they need to hire team members from all over. It would be a good move in social marketing.  
ross Team
ross May 4 '16
Our team is located in Lake Oswego (Oregon, US) and we do outsourcing of some team members in Central Asia
dave Leader
dave May 4 '16
Thanks ross i took a look at that area in Oregon.  Looks like a nice area and not too far from the big city.  I found when i lived in the Chicago area that the burbs were the best.

Thanks for clearing that up.  :)

dave Leader
dave May 5 '16
Being a foundation is Oxwall listed on the stock exchange?   If so what name is it under?   Also does Oxwall release its financial records to the public?
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ross Team
ross May 5 '16
Why are you asking? What do you need this information for?
ross Team
ross May 5 '16
We are not listed in stock exchange, financial records are not available for public. 
Omari May 5 '16
hi just thought i'd mention that duckduckgo is giving funding to opensource projects right now, if you guys don't know already. Maybe Oxwall can see if it qualifies?
OW-Ghost May 5 '16
central Asia kasakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, i guess they want people only from they home area only. neighbour countrys. sorry my bad english 
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dave Leader
dave May 5 '16
Ross don't be so defensive man relax :), i was just curious is all. No particular reason just curiously making conversation and thought i might see how Oxwall is doing now days. I guess i thought of it because the forum is soooo slow these days unlike before.    Don't worry im not a PI or anything like that, just a curious guy.  

I asked about the books because some foundations and 501C types have to do that on occasion. I guess being an american i was kind of curious how much money from flowing out of the country. When i give money i expect it to stay in the USA not go to some person in asia.   Although your reaction makes my ears stand up and i do have more questions.  I am not the boogy man and i have no malicious intent.  I just wanted to know more about he company i am involved with is all.

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dave Leader
dave May 5 '16
I was sitting at the doctors office this morning thinking about this whole deal and trying to figure out what exactly to do in order to try to bring some people back to this forum and to Oxwall in general.   A commercial came on the TV in the waiting room about character and why its so important to have character.  I have always prided myself on the fact that i am a no nonsense kind of guy and i do have good character but how do i best apply that to this situation. 

That got me thinking about being a leader on here and my whole role as such.   And wondering if i should try to address some concerns or just let them be.  Then i remembered what my grandfather used to say "sometimes you have to shake all the old apples out of the tree in order for the new ones to grow". 

So taking that into consideration lets talk about my role here and honestly some of my real concerns. 

First my role was never really explained to me but i always considered it to be not only to help others as usual but also to try to recruit others to help others as well.  I also feel part of my role is to try to handle disputes when i can as best i can or direct them to a appropriate team member if possible.  Also to help maintain a clean board and to get people excited about Oxwall.  And yes to try to prevent people from taking advantage of other people in need and help guide them to better solutions.  And finally (and this is the E5 Army Sergeant in me) to deal with the some of the nonsense that some people try to pull on here as best i can.   Such as posting affiliate banners to make a buck instead of helping people for free, banners don't belong here anyway and i think we all agree on that one. 

So in that spirit of things to try to push forward through whatever it is that is happening around here,  i wanted to continue this conversation about Oxwall and what we know and what we don't know about its existence. 

First let me say that i am still proud every day to have Oxwall and to use Oxwall. Regardless of anything else i believe it to be a decent product and i believe the team and foundation to be understanding and helpful.  Unless i am proven wrong on these things i will continue to believe that.  Trust me there are many that try to sway me one way or the other, this or that, but i am a big boy and i make up my own mind in my own way and in my own time.   

But one thing i will say is that i do feel that something is happening and sometimes not in a good way around here.  I don't see other leaders around like i used to and there were quite a few of them. I don't see team members conversing with users on this board like i used to other than ross.  And i dont see the traffic on this board like i used to.   So if i can pick up on this then Oxwall needs to understand that most anyone can pick up on this, something is happening. I can see it in the replies from the team, i can see it in the lack of replies i get from the team.  I just wish that whatever it is that Oxwall would lean on use as devoted users and not keep us in the dark.  

Oxwall you have to realize that myself and many others still stand behind you, and we will be around during and after any storm there might be.  Please don't keep us in the dark because honestly it just makes us more and more suspicious when you do. 

I did not set up to make this a long debate but honestly ross after your first reply it really made me wonder why you would be so defensive like that.  Gosh you know me and you know i am a good guy, im not after anyone, im not out to do any harm to anyone.  I just want to know more about the company that i am associated with.   

No one is going to change my mind about Oxwall but me, not tammy, not anyone from the past, i don't care what they may say, i make up my own mind with my own facts. In the Army as a Sergeant i dealt with people playing hands back and forth, back stabbing others at times, all the head games.  And i didn't put up with it then and i certainly won't risk the fine reputation i have here for the same reasons.  So with that lets talk about some of my concerns around here because being a leader means just that, i have to lead to make things better.  So i feel i have to ask the tough questions.

I ask about the financials only because i was curious about the company, if you were in trouble or not.   I wanted to see what your stock price was if you were involved in the stock market.   And i believe i asked the question in a professional and proper way. Which is why your reaction ross really took me for a loop. 

I am not writing this out if any discontent for Oxwall, i simply would like to know more about the company that i support. 

So here are my concerns not in any particular order: 

I want to know why i never get any reply from anyone else (other than ross) from the team when i ask questions.  I have written Emil, Den as well as a few of the developers and tiassa with no replies at all.  Its one thing to get an answer that maybe you don't agree with maybe you do, but to get no reply at all in weeks is alarming. 

I want to know what happen to Alia, Daisy, Tiassa and if they are still with the company?  They all used to be so "all over this board" helping people and now there is just silence. 

I want to know if Oxwall knows the reason the board is so quiet and why the other leaders have vanished. 

I want to know if Oxwall is in financial trouble. 

I want to know why when i had my hosting company i applied to be a preferred provider to help get my business going and to be a bigger part of Oxwall. I had a full setup ready to help people get the best hosting possible.  I was met with question after question and then when i replied with those answers the conversation just stopped. Even when i inquired after that i never got a reply from anyone so i just decided to drop it.  

I want to know why (especially with the above experience) that there is a preferred provider on that list http://www.oxwall.org/services  by the name of Oxwall Accessories that is always getting into trouble here on the forums ever since i been around here and thats a long time. And yet that person does not even have a website to speak of, the link goes to a landing page or parked page, and their reputation is not respected overall.  And yet they get to be on that page when i was not allowed to when i had the perfect setup to help people. 

I would like to know what this person from OA has or is that he can order a team member around and that team member backs off and in the process leaves their leader with egg all over their face regarding an action that was open and shut wrong.    


Regarding the link above:

I would like to know why Oxwall foundation is not registered with the Oregon state corporation board as we have to do in my state.  You should at least have a DBA (Doing Business As) set up. 

I would like to know, lets say you are under SKALFA LLC, why was your registered agent located in DOMINICA at one time, which is a small island in the Caribbean.  For those that don't know, a corporation or LLC has to have a registered agent who is the main person who is served or is contacted in the event of legal action or company issues.  Sort of a contact for hire, its a legit business practice and there are alot of people that do this for a living.  But my question is that if you are based in Oregon then why was your registered agent in the Caribbean or Indiana at one time, why not local.  I do see it is in Salem which is not far from you.  

I would like to know if the company hires overseas employees only because they want to hire their own and send money back home. I don't remember ever seeing an american developer, australian develper, mexican developer, african developer, or really anyone other than a russian or oriental developer. If i am wrong please correct me. 

I would like to know why is Oxwall outsourcing to asia in the first place, there is plenty of local talent. 


Regarding the link above:

I would like to know why it is listed as International Trade and Consulting and not software development and design.  The reason i ask is because IT and C is very ambiguous and anyone could do almost any business under that category, why is it not defined more to the business at hand.

I want to know why when i have a legitimate question and need a developers help, i get one reply from one person on the team and one feable attempt to assist me, and then i get a reply that basically says "i have much work to do, buy my plugins" and that was it.   

This is exactly why i am totally against developers or team members writing plugins for the company they work for as an individual enterprise.  It causes such a huge conflict of interest.  It clouds judgement and it causes developers to not help other developers because of competition, and this is wrong.  In Las Vegas you cannot gamble where you work.  In many restaurants you cannot drink after work at the place of employment. There are many companies that do not allow such things because it causes a conflict of interest which is exactly what i wrote Emil about.   Not because i have anything against anyone making an extra buck or two for work and not because i have anything against the developers. It is just simply a bad idea all around.   Maybe a developer will add something to the core that only his plugin will work with or something like that, not to say it happens but that's why its not good because it could happen.  It is really no different than insider trading at the market, they don't allow that either. 

I would like to know why it seems that even for the simplest of questions that team members seem so defensive in nature.  

I would like to know why ross does not seem to smile anymore when he used to have a great time around here. It just seems he is going through the motions and thats all. Why does he not seem exuberant anymore like he used to be.  Not picking on you ross you know i respect you man, but everyone sees the change in you lately and im just curious why. Is it because Oxwall is in trouble, is it stress?  We care about you man. 

Anyway that is all for now. Sorry this was so long but now you see why my nickname in my life is Mr. Loquacous.  :)  

Whatever the storm we will get through it together... :)


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OW-Ghost May 5 '16

I want to know same Dave want to know to. Good questions :)


Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi May 6 '16
I do agree Dave, One thing that got me as well is that only Ross Replies and the cheerful Ross that i know is gone...I have been with Oxwall for 3 years and i have seen changes to the worsed though we used to have a fun Forum with everyone helping everyone.

But now oxwall forum is becoming a morgue, ross being the coroner who cleans up all the dead oxwall site issues and questions he comes across.

We need to bring line back into oxwall...we do care ross, let us know he we can help....If oxwall is in financial problem im sure we can do a crowdfunding to get it back on its feed (Provided we work together to have the old oxwall back) I'm sure we would be have to donate $50 each to help oxwall, i know i would be :) to have all our issues solved.

Let us know !!
bobbi May 6 '16
A money spinner for oxwall is to offer a platform updating service say 50 dollars to do the full update I would happily pay this, skalfa used to offer this service but now no longer do so
Locofans May 6 '16
I am maybe new to the Oxwall forum, but I tried Oxwall in the past. In my time spent here I've seen a few dead posts, rude comments, greedy developers, pissed off users, I never knew people cared about Oxwall at all. As an open source community the last thing I see here is people helping each other. There's developers helping they users, and users trying to get their own issues fixed.

After I read Dave's "Mini article" :-) I realized that I got here at the wrong time. Oxwall does have issues and big bugs, so does every other Open source projects. They minimized the bugs by been an active community.

Dave is concern only because he cares, and so does a lot of others (probably not). I am positive that one day Oxwall will grow as much as Wordpress.