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Android apps created in a minute | Forum

Seyed May 4 '16


There are some sites (for example http://www.appsgeyser.com/create-browser-app/) that create android apps for you quickly and free of charge. All you need to do is to enter the url of your site and decide on name and other similar settings and it will create an .apk file for you.

I just created one for my site and downloaded it into my desktop machine and emailed it to my colleague to install on his mobile and use. However, he said that he received a warning message by gmail when viewing the email:

"Be careful with this message. It contains content that's typically used to steal personal information. Learn more
Report this suspicious message   Ignore, I trust this message"

So, I wanted to ask your opinion on using such an app, Thanks very much.

OW-Ghost May 4 '16
can you post the content from the email here that you recieved?

ross Team
ross May 4 '16
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Seyed May 5 '16

Thanks. The email is empty; it only has and .apk attached. The warning is given by gmail.

I now searched the Web and it seems to be a general warning that does not necessarily mean that the attachment has a problem.

But I think we, as Oxwall users, should decide whether or not create and offer our customers such free and handy android apps for our Oxwall sites.

Locofans May 6 '16
As Seyed said, it is just a general warning from gmail regarding the attached document. Even your Android smart phone sometime prevents you from downloading/installing an unknown source file to your mobile device.

AppGeyser sometimes will crash your app with mobile advertisement which could be really annoying for your users.
Seyed May 7 '16

Hi Locofans,

Thanks very much for your point regarding potential problem with AppGeyser app for users.

May I ask if there is any alternative for the app? I mean is there any other site that creates such apps but without such a problem? If not, it is easy for an app developer to create one?