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Customers that offend and blame me in a lie - Shoutbox | Forum

Zaph May 18 '16

Suat Genç and Unus please learn the product before buying. As you may see there are couple of screenshots and demo that show how it will work. Also you can ask the author.

It is not my problem that plugin does not work as you want it. Instead of it you write useless review that has no any proof.

And especially Suat Genç please learn English language before communicating with people or use Google Translate. I broke my eyes to understand you but tried to help you. In return you offend people in private messages, well it shows only who you are...

The Forum post is edited by Zaph May 18 '16
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B May 22 '16
@ Zaph  Don't let them get you down. This is a great, versatile plugin to have for any site. The user just has to choose how they implement it. Everyone that has read the info understands that it is available on the Dashboard, and Main page, and if your theme has a sidebar, the widget can be placed there to be seen on every page, if you don't mind the narrow width. Keep up the good work. We do appreciate what you do.
Zaph May 23 '16
Thanks @Darryl B

Posts and reviews like yours are really motivate to do more.

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B May 23 '16
Not a problem.  Good Dev's need the support of the community.  Hate to see people being rude, and pushy. A few have tried bashing Dev's in the forums, and got shut down by positive feedback, if the Dev was good. 
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