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Maybe we need to have a Oxwall logo contest | Forum

dave May 25 '16
With approval of the team that is. :)

Seems the site has changed for the better but we are still looking at that same old outdated logo of Oxwall. 

Maybe we can have a Oxwall Logo contest and get some of you graphic guys and gals involved. We can have it as a submission format where you submit your best work or idea for the logo and the winner gets to have their logo as the new Oxwall logo, of course if they approve. 

Simple rules could be: 

Must be professional, nothing risque. 

Must go with the new theme 

Must be original art - no plagiarism off web or anywhere.

Must be symbolic of the  Oxwall promise

Must be donated to Oxwall and free for them to use at their discretion.

The attribution for you would be that the logo would be posted here as the winner with your name so that you can refer to this post for attribution that you made it but gave it to oxwall. That way you can brag in two ways, one that you are gifted and the other that you are a nice person :) 

So what do you think folks?  

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dave May 25 '16
I will be happy to donate some plugins as prizes :)
ross Team
ross May 31 '16

Dear Dave, 

Our team talked about your generous offer, however we have to decline it. 

The reasons are pretty simple: 

1. There's no significant, design-wise, flaws in the current logo.

2. Current logo has been exposed on the internet and other different platforms for a long time. This brand awareness is worth of much. 

3. Change of logo will zero the awareness, bring additional fuddle for customers and generate load on our small team as it is in order to change it everywhere. 

Thank you for understanding

dave May 31 '16
Thanks for the reply ross :)  totally understood...   

ps i thought it was dear john lol... ;0)

dave May 31 '16

Well i keep putting oil in it Franz but it has a leak and it smokes like crazy lol 

Maybe just freshen up the old logo so they can keep their brand in tact but still have something that looks modern. 

Sypa CC (Creative Fertile)
A bit of freshness can be good ;)