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This is scary stuff folks | Forum

dave May 27 '16

So not only have fingerprints now been proven to not be unique, now we can imulate  ones facial expressions and for lack of a better term (photoshop) a confession from someone that appears to be real to present to the courts. 

The bad cops of the world are going to love this software. 

Whats next!!   Technology is going to be the end of us if we do not get a handle on things.


Chris_W May 28 '16
Coming to a clinic near you!:

A micro chip will be inserted in your brain at 6 weeks after conception. Then they will know where everyone is at any time. If you were there and are a suspect, they'll arrest you, hook you up and play back your memories at the time of the crime.

How long before being a member of the EU makes this compulsory?    ;)    Or maybe all politicians should have this, then we can see all the private deals they do regardless of our wishes. I suspect the machine would explode with the overload :)
The Forum post is edited by Chris_W May 28 '16
dave May 28 '16
"Waiting for the worms" lol  :)