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Header Navigation Dropdown Boxes | Forum

Nathan May 30 '16
Hi all.

I do think this has been asked before but still is not implemented into Oxwall on the admin side so I need help to do this manually.

In the oxwall admin side under pages we can rearrange the header navbar items but we cant group them to create a dropdown I.E we can't put Group's, Photos etc on top of say Main to make the Main link become a dropdown with Groups and Photos listed under it.

I would like to be able to add a new link in the header called Explore I can do this in admin in the mentioned pages but then under my new Explore link I want it to drop down when hovered to reveal the links for Photos, Blogs, Videos, Groups etc.

How can we turn link items in the header navigation into dropdown menus exactly like the Admin icon and user profile icon to the right of the same navigation bar are?

Here is what I want.

New link added to the navbar in admin under the pages management area where you can move the links and stuff around and add a new link.

This new link would be called EXPLORE hovering the mouse or clicking on this would expand it downwards with links for Photos, Groups, Videos, Blogs etc ets.

I don't wish to purchase a plugin from the store to do this as my budget will not allow that at this time so I would rather find a way of being able to do this with some code edits to oxwall, I have no problem editing code so long as I am pointed in the direction of the right code to edit.

So if any other member has already done this on their owall site and they could share their code edits that would be most helpful.

The Forum post is edited by Nathan May 30 '16