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Page h1? | Forum

Marcus Jun 2 '16
Where can I find the code that ads H1 to pages? I wanna wrap it in a div?
dave Leader
dave Jun 2 '16
Not sure what you mean by adds H1, nothing adds H1 it is html  example: 

<h1>  text  </h1>     now you can modify the h1 style on the screen by modifying it in css but unless i am wrong i dont see how you can wrap it in a div.. Im not that good at css but how are you going to do that in css ?

Marcus Jun 2 '16
Buddy I mean how can I parse this function: setPageHeading and remove H1 from it?
dave Leader
dave Jun 2 '16
i think you can do so in ow_themes - simplicity - base.css  line 130

h1 {

font-size: 20px;line-height: 19px;

padding-left: 0px;

color: #5b646a;  /** OW_Control type: color, key: titleColor, section: 2. Colors, label:2. Title **/

text-transform: uppercase;

margin-left: 0px;

background-repeat: no-repeat;


hope that helps

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Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Jun 3 '16
You can do it in your theme:

ow_themes\simplicity\master_pages\dndindex.html    <------   line 23

{if $heading}<h1 class="ow_stdmargin {$heading_icon_class}">{$heading}</h1>{/if}


ow_themes\simplicity\master_pages\general.html       <-----    line 26

<h1 class="ow_stdmargin {$heading_icon_class}">{$heading}</h1>

Change simplicity with your current theme.

The Forum post is edited by Senior Developer Jun 3 '16