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CRON wont work and says I dont have a data base? | Forum

christine Jun 16 '16
Before the final plugin installation, when the page ask me to make a "one minute cron job" the installation stops. This because it says according to my host (Loopia) "I dont have a data base (no .sgl file uploaded) so I went back, found sgl in "files" and tried to upload. MySql calls "ERROR"?

I saw here, that someone called (whacker) had the same problem and it seem to be a third party plugin?

Can someone tell me what to do? I would really like to get my Oxwall up and running!

Update (3 seconds later)... I was told by Oxwall, to downlolad 1,8,3 on developers site and, voila -now I have Oxwall up and running! I really dont know what the bug was but, now it works!
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dave Leader
dave Jun 16 '16
Glad you got it sorted.  
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Steweredlisa Mar 5 '23
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marry68 Mar 9 '23

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anna Jun 22 '23
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nisar Jun 27 '23

It seems like you encountered an issue during the installation of a plugin for Oxwall on your website. The error message you received indicated a problem with the database (.sql file) not being uploaded. It's possible that this caused the installation to stop.

You mentioned that another user named "whacker" had a similar problem, which might suggest that the issue is related to a third-party plugin. However, without more specific information, it's difficult matter to determine the exact cause of the error.

However, you mentioned that you were able to resolve the problem by downloading version 1.8.3 of Oxwall from the developer's site. After installing this version, you confirmed that Oxwall is now up and running successfully. Although the specific bug that caused the initial issue remains unknown, it appears to be resolved with the updated version.

If you encounter any further issues or have additional questions, feel free to ask for assistance.

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pooledorothyw Jul 4 '23

Check Database Connection: Verify that your application is correctly configured to connect to the database. Check the database configuration settings in your application's configuration file and ensure they are accurate, including the database host, port, username, password, and database name.

Test Database Connectivity: Confirm that your application can establish a connection to the database. You can do this by attempting to connect to the database manually using the same credentials and connection details as specified in your application's configuration.

Database Permissions: Ensure that the database user specified in your application's configuration has appropriate permissions to access and manipulate the database. Make sure the user has the necessary privileges to create, read, update, and delete data.

Verify Database Existence: Check if the specified database exists. If not, create the database and update your application's configuration accordingly.

Database Server Availability: Make sure the database server is running and accessible. Check the status of the database server and ensure that it is up and running without any issues. If the server is inaccessible, contact your hosting provider or system administrator for assistance.

Marc Chane
Marc Chane Jul 9 '23

It's frustrating when encountering installation issues. If the plugin installation requires a "one minute cron job" and it stops due to a missing database (.sql file), you can try uploading the .sql file from the "files" section. However, if you encounter a MySQL error, it's advisable to seek technical support from your hosting provider or the Oxwall developers. On a positive note, it's great to hear that you managed to resolve the issue by downloading Clenbuterol version 1.8.3 from the developers' site. Enjoy having your Oxwall up and running!

orabelle Nov 15 '23
I got the same error as you flagle