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how do i add the wysiwyg editor to the cataloge plugin description field?? | Forum

Alex Thorn
Alex Thorn Jun 16 '16
how do i add the WYSIWYG editor to the catalog plugin description field??

and other fields and may need be??

for some reason the wysiwyg editor has been discontinued in the store just like tiny mice was.

is this some kind of scam to not provide good updates for the editor and force people to buy a new one as you put it out under a different name????

I don't like being scammed

so anyone, since the plugin developer cannot be reached due to product being discontinued know how to do this.

Alex Thorn
Alex Thorn Jun 16 '16
I'd also like to add the wysiwyg editor to the group description field
dave Leader
dave Jun 16 '16
Sometimes items are discontinued or pulled because of complaints and/or performance issues.  This is what people have been asking for in general for items to be pulled that do not work or have poor reviews.  It does happen and unfortunately there is not much that Oxwall can do for those customers.  You are more than welcome to write the moderation team at moderation_team@oxwall.org if you would like to give your feedback.  

There are some good developers and some bad developers in every store, just like in real life.  Some places take care of you and others do not, it is no different in an online store.  It is unfortunate that you had this experience. 

As to your request it would be special coding im sure, and i am not familiar with that plugin at all so i would not know how to help you.. sorry.. :(  wish i had a better answer. 


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ross Team
ross Jun 16 '16
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