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Image Slideshow Speed | Forum

B.I. Jun 17 '16
Heyo People!

I have a quick question. I did a search in the forms for this by the title of my thread, but it yielded no results for what I need.

I'm looking to lengthen the time between images on the Slideshow. I know how to adjust it using the setting when customizing; though it already has the options for short, medium, and long intervals, the long interval is still way to fast for my needs.

Does anyone know of a way to slow down the slideshow speed anymore?

Best regards!
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Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jun 17 '16
You can look in plugins / slideshow / static / slideshow.js. On lines 18 - 23 you will see the intervals.

Two things to always remember.
1. Any time you make changes in cpanel you have to set dev mode at the bottom of the config. php file to true, and refresh your page for changes to take affect.
2. When you modify things in cpanel you will lose your changes when you update, so document what you change so you can re-apply it after an update.
ross Team
ross Jun 19 '16
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