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BIG ISSUES with this theme!! - Modern Concept | Forum

David Jun 25 '16
The footer overlaps the pages and the side bars... (example follows)

The "more" and "moderation" menus are stacked on top of each other... and neither will drop down or work. (see example)

If you're using "Group Cover"... this is how it looks, even though he claimed he has other buyers who use it and it works.  I find that very hard to believe... because... this is how it looks... overlapping into the main body of the group.  (See Example)....

Also on the same screenshot above, you will note that the left sidebar suddenly has ugly scrollbars and is no longer stationary with the rest of the page.  This happens often.... it happens in groups (with or without "Group Cover" plugin, and it happens in the Blog section... as well as other areas of the site...

This is what happens when you try to just SIMPLY add a footer block on the MAIN page:

As you can see... the FOOTER is where I circled it.  But it's covered up by the left and right side BLOCKS section, which extends endlessly down the page.  Yeah... I know...right!??  And he didn't notice ANY of this stuff before he listed it in the store for 28 bucks?  Are you kidding me!!??

It also should be noted that it does NOT play well with a great many plugins. Like... MOST of them.

This is the most finicky, badly coded theme I have EVER.... EVER.... EVER... paid for on purpose. 

Now... to be fair... he tried to fix it for me... but then he said he got tired and was going to bed... he then asked for my cPanel login... and I could only offer him my FTP login info.  He told me it was a waste of his time and he wouldn't work on it via FTP.  So... I've just spent the bulk of 12 hours ripping apart code and fixing his theme. 

For the amount of money he charges for this theme... ($28.00).... his customers should NOT have to fix his errors.  They should get a working theme.  THIS MANY serious basic errors on a theme... even using NO plugins... is something that should NEVER be allowed to be sold on Oxwall.  PERIOD.  And I want my money back for my time and effort in fixing this crappy coded nightmare.  BUYER BEWARE.  Just sayin'.

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David Jun 25 '16
PS - Did I mention that I wanted a refund?

No?   Okay, well, in case I didn't... let me clarify.  Your theme isn't professional NOR is it professionally done.  It's a crying SHAME that you didn't even bother to CHECK to see if these errors were there....or beta test your product BEFORE you charged people for it... and advertised it as being more professional than the other themes out there.  And then when I offer you my FTP account to fix it... you have the NERVE to say "it's not worth my TIME"!!!!??   Refund my money.... now.
Soundchum web solution
when i checked your site i found that you made customization in the theme
David Jun 26 '16
Duh!!  I HAD to.  This is EXACTLY why i made the modifications... and I TOLD you I had to fix the footer.  That's the modifications I made... to FIX THIS stuff that is in the screenshots ABOVE.  I took these screenshots BEFORE I did any work on the theme.  And I HAD to do something with it... because god knows YOU didn't.
David Jun 26 '16
Those screen shots are EXACTLY what the theme looks like.... UN-MODIFIED... out of the box.... so don't act like I'm lying and don't act like you are an innocent expert coder who is being picked on. 12 hours of work that YOU should have done... NOT me.  I want refund!
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