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Who can provide a solution for issue of avatar replacement in newsfeed? Could be paid. | Forum

WOO Jul 6 '16
I have commented "$override = $this->displayType == NEWSFEED_CMP_Feed::DISPLAY_TYPE_ACTIVITY && $lastActivity !== null;"

Then if B like A's post in newsfeed, avatar of A will not be replaced by avatar of B.

But, if B comment A's post in newsfeed, avatar of A still will be replaced by avatar of B.

Any one can provide solution? A good solution without conflict with oxwall original system and update(can be undone is OK). You can finger a reasonable price.

iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
Revert all code change before.
In order to prevent the avatar/feed title be replaced by future commenting/liking, just go to each plugin then comment out these trigger events (they change the original feed's context).
Event plugin is example:
Open ow_plugins/event/classes/event_handler.php
- Then go to line 400, comment out this block (when user commented)
        OW::getEventManager()->trigger(new OW_Event('feed.activity', array(
                'activityType' => 'comment',
                'activityId' => $commentId,
                'entityId' => $entityId,
                'entityType' => $params['entityType'],
                'userId' => $userId,
                'pluginKey' => 'event'
                ), array(
                'string' => $string,
                'line' => null
- Go to line 740 (when user liked)
comment out this statement:
OW::getEventManager()->bind('feed.after_like_added', array($this, 'feedOnLike'));

Similar for other plugins.
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John Jul 8 '16
If someone would write a plugin that would do this for newsfeed and the various common Oxwall plugins, so I wouldn't have to re-do this coding with each Oxwall core upgrade, I'd pay $5 to $10 for it, and I'm sure others would, too.
WOO Aug 30 '16

I think this modification will be fatal. So, I would like to wait for the developer of oxwall more time.

I just feel weird that such issue is not issue for others? Only for me?