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documentation pls? if not - question help? :) - CSV import | Forum

Bridgette Jul 8 '16
Hi - sorry for asking what I am sure is asked a lot but where is the doc for this? I looked and am sure I must be overlooking something.

I have this installed and saved an export .csv from my old member database but whenever I try to import it says invalid file type.

So, I went back and did another export and saved the CSV file in zip format and again, that failed.

I would love to read instructions rather than poke and poke and poke blindly because I have no real information.

What is this program expecting?

What delimiters?

Column headers?

Do I need to remove columns I won't be matching up with Oxwall's?

Format the export as plain CSV or Excel CSV... etc etc.

thank you for any help or info.


Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jul 11 '16
Can you provide me the csv file you get so I could check it on our test installation, please?
Bridgette Jul 12 '16
I am asking how the CSV file should be formatted since the default export did not work.

As mentioned above I am asking about delimiters, excel CSV or regular etc.

Mostly, I am requesting any docs you have for this so I can figure it out myself rather than bother you. :)

Thank you,


Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jul 19 '16
No need to delete anything, the delimiters are commas
After importing file you'll be suggested to match the fields with the corresponding data.

Unofortunately, there's no any documentation on the csv importer plugin
Bridgette Jul 19 '16
well, no matter how I download the member database (zip, no zip, excel csv or regular csv) it fails and says it is a bad file.

so - I never get to the part where it asks me to do any field matching.

Too bad - really disappointing. I wanted to import our old site members.
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jul 25 '16
Please send us the file, we'll take a look at the issue. We cannot reproduce the issue on our side.
Bridgette Jul 27 '16
too late - we moved on and emailed everyone. Thank you anyway. That was weeks ago. :)
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