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No longer emails admin when a new user joins. | Forum

Steve Winter
Steve Winter Aug 18 '16
I believe this is a 1.8.4 bug.  My site no longer emails me when a new user joins and needs activation.
dave Leader
dave Aug 19 '16
Hi Steve good to see you again.. 

Have you checked the ow_base_mail table to see if the emails are being loaded there for sending?

I am not 100% sure the core does this, if i remember wasnt there a admin notify plugin used for this... ill have to look.... 

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dave Leader
dave Aug 19 '16
yeah see here steve.. 


remember steve that puru may have abandoned his store, so you may not get any support, just wanted to let you know.. 

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ross Team
ross Aug 19 '16
Steve, default software does not have such an option. 
Steve Winter
Steve Winter Aug 19 '16
Thank you all.  I see it was a plugin.  I reset it and will see if that works.  If not I will try to contact puru.  I have a lot of his plugins.  They are very important.
Steve Winter
Steve Winter Aug 22 '16
Errr... so how does one contact puro now?

(yes I tried a private message here)


dave Leader
dave Aug 22 '16
You cant Steve, he is not returning any messages and has pretty much abandoned his store.  He is on facebook all the time. 

read here (look at the post for july 18th, picture)


you can try here but he is not answering anyone, we feel he just walked away.. 


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Steve Winter
Steve Winter Aug 30 '16
I am getting no response from him.  The new user notification should be part of the program anyway.  Are those of us who bought his plugins just shafted as they quit working?  
Steve Winter
Steve Winter Nov 18 '16
It started working again.
dave Leader
dave Nov 18 '16
OK steve thanks for sharing :)