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[resolved] Can't sent mail ! my domaine reported by multiple providers (such as Yahoo or Comcast) as containing spam | Forum

smec's Sep 8 '16

I contacted my hosting.

they told me that their side all (mail server) is well. 

i sked them why i can send to my mail@mysite.com and not to others_email@Gmail.com or Yahoo ....

they told me this : It appears my emails have been reported by multiple providers (such as Yahoo or Comcast) as containing spam, this in turn has flagged in they outbound email filter.

And they had removed my domain from this filter 2 days after !!

finaly after 7 days ( of questions answers ) they told me this : 

" There were recent changes to SPAM filters by GmailYahooMsn/Outlook, and others that have been causing similar problems.I would suggest talking with the developer of the plugin that sends the email to find out how the link is generated, if it is a shortened URL at all, then the emails won't make it through "

ross Team
ross Sep 8 '16
We just tested all e-mails successfully comes to gmail and yahoo. 

Do you understand that if you're a spammer you at least should get bounce e-mails stating that your in some kind of spammers' list or some other reason why your e-mail has not reached? 

Something is definitely wrong with their mail server you need to resolve this first with them. 

You can try to send mass mailing and see whether the mail leaves ow_base_mail table via phpmyadmin after the cron runs. 

After the mail leaves the table it goes directly to the mail server. 

Verification e-mail goes directly to the mail server without using cron. 

Again the issue is on their side, it has nothing to do with the links, shortened urls or something else. 

smec's Sep 8 '16
Thank you, now I fully understand all the steps.

you are all time right and i understund you if i am a spammer i at least should get bounce e-mails with the reasons !! its veru strong in they part ! ( thx too for this info )

Because i tired this : 

i have 2 email in my domaine : Team@MyDomaine.com and Admin1@MyDomaine.com

i configure my site in my >> settings >> general with this mail :  Team@MyDomaine.com

and i registred an new user with this email Admin1@MyDomaine.com

when i try to send a masse mailing from my site oxwall not work but only this users with this mail Admin1@MyDomaine.com can receive .... i concluded my site oxwall can send mail but just to my domaine not others such as GMAIL YAHOO .... !!

smec's Sep 8 '16

website: sending emails perfectly but just in my area !

my mail server: it also receive and mailings (that told me my hosting) !

then where is the problem! I'm going crazy that this problem persisted since august 17 !

Please Ross, i give you my cpanel and look when you have a littel time

ross Team
ross Sep 8 '16
try to change your e-mail to some gmail one and register a new user with gmail account. see if you get any e-mail
smec's Sep 8 '16
I tried this that but I get nothing
ross Team
ross Sep 8 '16
Then there's definitely something wrong with your mail server, contact your hosting provider to resolve the issue. 
smec's Sep 9 '16
yesterday all night I spoke with my hosting for this problem between 1h45 to 4h30.

My users are not receiving my emails.

i tired this : 

*  i have this adresses email : Team@MyDomaine.com and Admin@MyDomaine.com and MyName@Gmail.com

*  i configured my site in my >> settings >> general with this mail:  Team@MyDomaine.com

*  i sent a mass mailing from my site to this adresses : MyName@Gmail.com and Admin@MyDomaine.com 

only this adresse :  Admin@MyDomaine.com can receive

Not this adresse  MyName@Gmail.com can receive from my site

its very stronge !!

Now they have created a ticket for my problem. and am awaiting a response to their specialists

The Forum post is edited by smec's Sep 9 '16
ross Team
ross Sep 9 '16
keep us updated on their reply please
smec's Sep 9 '16
of course 

smec's Oct 3 '16

Hi Ross,

my problem is still unsolved!

* 1 with webmail client I can send and receive emails.

2 * with my site I can send and receive emails only to my domain! and not other Google Yahoo ....

I'm sure the problem is on their side!

But they do not want to know anything.

I would like to change my hosting but I can not for the moment because my DNS is new. now I am condemned to remain until June of next year. this is my only solution seen my budget does not do anything. verry sad :(

smec's Oct 4 '16

Finally, after several attempts with my hosting they unlocked my domain!

that doing good to see my users come back to see my community.

Thank you very much friends for all the work you done

ross Team
ross Oct 4 '16
So, your domains were in the block list or what? 
smec's Oct 5 '16

Yes it looks like my domain was in a block list.

I do not know from where it comes from this block.

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