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Captcha issue | Forum

Joby Jul 10 '12
I have installed oxwall in my cpanel, im having 2 issues.. it doesnt reconize any images that i upload it just shows a blank image in the theme section. i dont know if this has to do with my captcha not showing i have tried in 4 diffrent browsers, firefox shows no image, and ie,opera, chrome show a broken image link. im not sure what the issue is
Michael I.
Michael I. Jul 11 '12
I assume there is no GD library installed on your server. Check into that with your hosting company.
James Hart
James Hart Jun 11 '13
It doesn't work for me either and I can assure you GD is installed.  If I right click on the missing image the url is.. and it has this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagettfbbox() in /home/**USER**/public_html/business/ow_libraries/securimage/securimage.php on line 734

All other uploaded images work fine along with resizing of avatars, etc..  just the captcha turing image doesn't show when a new user is attempting to register.

this is a new install via softaculous, version 1.5.3.

Any advice?

The Forum post is edited by James Hart Jun 11 '13
James Hart
James Hart Jun 11 '13
Actually, I think I found out the problem.  TTF must be compiled in php as well.  (gleaned from other post on this topic) A url to a check list of server requirements would be nice to know exactly what is required in order to run the software would be helpful.  Or at least a 'compatibility' script that can be uploaded and ran to see what is missing or if oxwall will run or not on that server environment.

If you have cpanel and use easyapache to compile...  PDO/GD/TTF are required... are there any others?  It takes about 30 minutes to recompile apache/php ...  I've done it multiple times... standard php installations do not have what is required so they must be enabled.

ross Team
ross Jun 11 '13
The server requirements for the software are here: http://www.oxwall.org/hosting at the right side of the page. You can check the compatibility just by uploading phpinfo.php file and match the settings of your server with the software requirements. 
James Hart
James Hart Jun 13 '13
Ross, thanks!  Yes, I actually found that by accident and commented on another thread about it.  Personally, I do think it should be in the "docs" section where you would go to download the script and see if it's compatible.  Of note, this is interesting: suPHP off  and suhosin off are listed but I have both of those on and it works like a champ.  Maybe because of a cpanel configuration?  I was just getting frustrated because each time you do an easyapache build on cpanel it can take 30 minutes... then to find out you need another... blah...  ultimately, I think software like Softaculous and Instalaron should detect server environment and determine which scripts can be installed and which cannot without modification of current environment.   But that's not oxwall's issue.  =)