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Zombaio Billing and Payment Provider (Need support, dev. not responding) | Forum

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Nina Sep 28 '16
Is there anyone that can help me with the Zombaio Billing and Payment Provider plugin? I Tried to contact the dev. but he is not responding.

I need some support to get the plugin working. I'm in search of the callback URL, the one found in the plugin support forum doesn't work.


OW-Ghost Sep 29 '16

He will give you good support

Here you find him commit that he always do


Let us know if he did give you support as he commited :)

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Nina Sep 29 '16
Hi Marcus, 

I Posted a request in the plugin support forum here on Oxwall. Two days later I sent a private message and yesterday I email'd him on the email adres found within the plugin code...

/** * PayPal admin controller * * @author tom bui <*****t@gmail.com> * @package ow.ow_plugins.billing_zombaio.controllers * @since 1.0 */

Stil no sign of life :-/ I really need this plugin so I hope to here some news quickly.

Please note that all message's sent are sent in a polite way. Its not my purpose to offend someone I'm just really in search of a solution.

OW-Ghost Sep 29 '16
Okey if message him in polite way he should answer you ....he was never answer me long time ago when i was new here so it would bee interesting if this guy follow what he commited....keep us updated Nina.
Nina Sep 30 '16
When looking at the support for his other plugins there are some buyers waiting for months after answers. 

Any other devs who can help me out here?

OW-Ghost Sep 30 '16
For months? if that is true he is lie a lot this guy when he tell he commit to make better oxwall store and we should forward this to the topic that he commited to a better oxwall store. 

I suggest you forward this to the topic where they commit for a better store.

I can not help you about another plugin he should help you it is his work to do.

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Nina Oct 4 '16
Ok, could someone from Oxwall please look in to this? Paying 40$ for a plugin that isn't even working isn't a joke. 
Nina Oct 8 '16
I got the plugin to work. But without any support of the dev. 
OW-Ghost Oct 8 '16
Great to hear that Nina :-) And sad to hear that he commit to things but not responds to anyone as usually if you look his history here at oxwall and the message i send to him to respond to why he commit things that he can not stand up for was never get any reply. I no words more about that guy i bring up things about him many times with no response from the team so WE can not do more....
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Gerry Nov 22 '16
Noname. He committed so he could stay on the site.

I'm another waiting for a reply from him.
OW-Ghost Nov 22 '16
What ever "sunami" , "familly" ,hospital someone die or "more dramtic" excuses he will bring up here i would not trust a word what he says...but that is me....you other have to make you self a opinion about this guy

do not buy fomr that guy again buy from developers that answer in public topics and give fast respond in public topics, they are the best developers here that you could trust at least for now but nobody know what happens after 2 years with this guys, you play on casino with you money and it will bee like this forever here at oxwall store sadly with the rules we have now in this store

there is no safe shopping you can only pray to god you plugin will work in let says 3-5 years and you website not stops working in this 5 years. average lenght on a plugin here now i should guess is 2 -3 years before it stops follow the core updates and stop implemnet better featues and stops answer people. have in mind some are better some are worse this was avarage lenght support

sorry my bad english....things can always get much better at the store it depends how much you are ready to change

he have been online several times i notice...weak to not answer many people...but if he come back i know he will put a dramatic excuse why he not answer...but i 50/50 about if he will ever answer here again with that profile...he can pick to erase his bad past and create a new profile in the store it is very "hot" to do that and great strategy if you want earn money more...

or the last option that hardly believe he just leave oxwall...

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Gerry Nov 22 '16
I hope someone will write a Zombaio Billing plugin as an alternative. Plenty people use it.
OW-Ghost Nov 22 '16
i never use zombaio ...i use stripe and paypal and works great
Gerry Nov 28 '16

Stripe is no use for some of my sites.

The non-adult content ones are going to be done using PayPal.

But I still cant find out if the Zombaio plugin works with Skalfa's Paid Membership plugin.
OW-Ghost Nov 28 '16
Okey Gerry i understand now.

I hope you can make it working with Zombaio plugin.

If i was you and really need it i would try contact a developer on upwork.com for make it working they are not always very expensive and they working very fast.

Gerry Nov 28 '16
Thanks Marcus.
dave Leader
dave Nov 28 '16
Gerry, if that or any developer does not support their product you need to report it to the moderation team at  moderation_team@oxwall.org
OW-Ghost Nov 28 '16
You welcome Gerry. Read his TOS first.
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David Sadler
David Sadler Sep 16 '22
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