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I can't see number of members - Google Maps Location | Forum

Maurizio Oct 7 '16
Hey !

this plugin is great but I have a problem, but maybe it's my fault.

Why I can't see the number of members on the place holder ?

Please find attached screenshots



Michael Culhane
Michael Culhane Nov 13 '16

I have a similar problem, though the number of members shown when zoomed out does not correspond to the actual number of members.  This happens when members simply enter their city without any further precisions.  I have 8 members living in Cairo, but when you zoom out on the map, it only shows 3 (6 overlap each other and then 2 others).  Any fix for this ?

jk Nov 20 '16

Hi guys, 

Maurizio, now plugin don't have functionality to show number of members on the map markers. It's good idea and i will try to add this functionality in next plugin versions. 

Michael Culhane, in the group marker you can see a places count, not a members count. This is how this plugin works now. I understand that you tell right things but unfortunately i don't have quick fix for this problem. 

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