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License verification check failure for PAID plugins and theme | Forum

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Steve Winter
Steve Winter Oct 12 '16

I received the following email from my site.  I have too much invested to be playing games to keep using what I already paid for.  What is going on?

It appears that following plugins/themes obtained through Oxwall Store and installed on your website (http://XXXXXX.com/) have failed license verification check:

"User IP Tracker"
"New User Alert"
"Private Message Viewer"
"Sitemap Generator"
"Social Share"
"0xArt Votes"
"Login As User"
"Facebook Redesigned"

To continue using these plugins/themes, please make sure that all license keys for the listed plugins/themes are valid. Note that you may need to enter license keys manually in the Admin Panel: http://biblefolk.com/admin/plugins

You may find all licenses for purchased plugins/themes in your Oxwall Store account: http://www.oxwall.org/store/granted-list/plugin

You may also contact specific plugin/theme developers to obtain a new license key. 
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Oct 12 '16
You may need to go to store / my purchases, and click on "reset" next to the license IP. Do this for plugins, and themes.
Steve Winter
Steve Winter Oct 16 '16
The security setup is VERY buggy.  Now my PAID theme has deactivated even though I did the reset thing and got everything working.  The ISP moved my account to a new IP.  Then I reset and everything was working.  

I can't even switch back to a free theme while working out the problems.

What happens to all Oxwall sites if something happens to oxwall.org?  Someone isn't thinking or is very careless.

Steve Oct 16 '16
That is something that I have always wondered. Since the paid themes and plugins constantly check if they are running on the correct IP.

What will happen if the oxwall server goes down?

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Steve Winter
Steve Winter Oct 16 '16

I believe I have raised an important point but I believe that my current problems are due to absolute and dispicable  incompetence at Arvixe.   I truly and sincerely apologize for ever recommending Arvixe.  It is not the same company. as it was before.  

Steve Oct 16 '16
So the problem you where having was due to the hosting company? 
Steve Winter
Steve Winter Oct 17 '16

Quote from Steve So the problem you where having was due to the hosting company? 
I believe it is both but I can't be sure Arvixe stinks so bad now!
Steve Winter
Steve Winter Oct 18 '16
Everything started working again.  It was an Arvixe failure but this store situation is very dangerous.  When an active theme is disabled it seems to prevent any change of themes.
OW-Ghost Nov 18 '16
dangerous and dangerous when the developer leaves :)

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