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[Solved] - Smileys | Forum

OW-Ghost Oct 13 '16
Hope for nice upgrades here.........
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Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Oct 14 '16

This plugin is not dead. The developer stopped supporting plugin, but since we believe that this plugin is really essential  - we bought it from the previous developer, adjusted it to the latest version and made it free. 

Every developer in the Store can re-sell their plugins to another developer. Do you consider this as illegal actions?

Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Oct 31 '16

Dear Skadate CandyStore,
This plugin is free since last update (Aug 14). Also, there are reviews which were posted in September which prove that it was free after we bought it: https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/625/reviews/recent
By updating our plugin and make it free we wanted to give Oxwall community alternative free option since another smileys plugin costs $30.
The work on this plugin was not harder than create such plugin from scratch. So, we did not a lot of work to make it work with the latest build. 
Finally, we want to say that the smileys plugin is very important for social communities. As far as we know you are running dating website, so it may be not so important for your website, but it must be in social communities. Also, this plugin is not optimized and still have some issues which will be fixed in future. Whereas the paid smileys has more features and optimizations. So, if you run a business you will compare the plugins functionality and decide which of them is better suits your needs.

OW-Ghost Oct 31 '16
Please sync this smiley plugin with you mobile apps. a mobile app with no smileys is not a real mobile app. there is so many mobile apps with cool smileys when chat with mobile apps....
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Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Nov 2 '16
Let me explain how it works. If you want to add a feature to the mobile application, you need to make changes in the application. Our plugin has nothing to do with the SkaDate applications, so if you want this plugin works with SkaDate applications, you need to contact SkaDate support operators or Custom Code Modification and request them to implement it. 
OW-Ghost Nov 2 '16
I know how it works, but skalfa need smileys in they apps and i see this plugin could bee a part of that project but im not a boss at skalfa i just suggest it.

And i notice here is that you talk about smileys should bee a part of the rest of the software and want make this plugin free. Then follow that very good sample and make smileys to your apps free to and not charge me for me want to have you apps much better. 

I agree with you i feel such things should no one need pay for and i want not pay for it bee installed on my apps, that is something skalfa should take advantage off and create apps that is better and better...

Again i hope you will do this smileys for you apps very soon :-) and bring down other chat apps for talk with people because that is what you doing with this apps talk with people so smileys is very importen for make the apps FUN to use. If you apps FUN to use they not ask people go to another chat app for talk!

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Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Nov 3 '16

We understand that it may confuse, but there are two separate teams: Skalfa developer team that works on the plugins development and support at Oxwall Store and SkaDate team that works on the SkaDate software and its plugins and applications. We cannot affect the SkaDate functionality. We understand that Smileys are very important for the SkaDate applications, but to make smileys work with the applications, SkaDate should implement them. 

This is the same if you asked, let's say, Dave to implement his plugins functionality into the SkaDate applications.

SkaDate has the suggest board, so you can post your suggestion here or contact directly SkaDate support operators.

Thank you for the understanding.

OW-Ghost Nov 3 '16
I fully understand and i have bring this up to skadate already soon 1 year ago and they said they should maybe implement smileys in they apps and let me know later about that topic i not sure that topic is still in my history but i remember they was thinking this was a very great idea and they should have it in they future roadmap...but im not sure if they already forget about it or working on it.

i cannot imagine other features then that would bee importen to implement in the next update.

Thanks for understanding...

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